3AC Co-Founder Su Zhu Says His Time in Prison Was Quite Enjoyable

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After Three Arrows Capital collapsed during crypto winter, founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies stuck around on Twitter, making excuses for themselves before going silent for months and resurfacing with a new crypto project – the exchange OPNX.

Later on, the pair also launched “3AC Ventures,” a new hedge fund, although public information is limited.

Run-In With Singaporean Authorities

Although the pair have so far managed to escape significant punishment, they have nonetheless been banned for several years from activities involving financial management in Singapore.

Kyle Davies – despite possibly being in contempt of court – has so far spent no time behind bars, unlike Su Zhu, who did a 3-month stint in Singaporean prison before being questioned and released.

However, this brief hiatus from public life did not seem to bother him at all. Instead of spending his time dodging shakedown attempts and trading mackerel packets, Zhu took advantage of his bizarre New Age-esque framing of unfortunate events and claimed his time in prison was actually enjoyable.

Reconnecting With Nature

In an as-of-yet unreleased podcast, Su Zhu waxes lyrical about his stint in jail, calling it a way to “reconnect with your ancestors.”

The gang weighs in on the philosophical depth of early Andrew Tate teachings pic.twitter.com/wGhfKqXdLB

— Lukas (computer) (@SCHIZO_FREQ) January 22, 2024

According to Zhu, you are allowed all the forms of entertainment available to people before the advent of the Internet, which apparently helps you spiritually.

“It’s a really magical feeling, you feel a kinship with your ancestors, this is how I was supposed to live.”

This bizarre framing of events, naturally, does not account for the fact that Zhu’s ancestors could also have gone outside for walks, sunlight, and fresh air, something which he himself probably did not do, seeing as he did not notice a difference on that front.

Su Zhu was so terminally online that he had to go to literal prison to experience the same sense of “kinship with his ancestors” that the rest of us get from just logging off and walking barefoot on a beach with a cool breeze

Truly an incredible man

— laurence (@functi0nZer0) January 22, 2024

Zhu also found a way to lionize the lack of beds in the Singaporean jail. According to the 3AC co-founder, the prison provided no beds, telling prisoners to sleep on the floor, much like on a tatami mat.

However, Zhu found that this helped decompress his spine. Along with the strict bedtime and waking hours, this gave him “the best sleep he had experienced in his life.” Although doomscrolling and errant bedtimes can, of course, be detrimental to sleep quality, one hardly needs to go to prison to avoid them.

Zhu’s current whereabouts are unknown. Presumably, he is in Dubai with Kyle Davies, running their new joint ventures and still accumulating “good karma” by giving back to investors of their bankrupt hedge fund.

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