Cognizant Opens Advanced AI Labs After Microsoft Deal

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Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation (NASDAQ:CTSH), a global tech powerhouse, recently revealed its latest monumental achievement: the launch of an advanced AI lab in San Francisco today, March 7. With the launch of this cutting-edge facility surfacing across the industry, Cognizant eyes making San Francisco a global hotbed for AI research and development, housing a team of esteemed experts, including industry veterans and Ph.D. scholars.

Meanwhile, the Lab underscores Cognizant’s strategic pivot towards pioneering AI with a robust portfolio boasting 75 issued and pending patents. Aligning with this, this Lab aims to revolutionize the AI application landscape across the business domain, further fuelled by Cognizant’s bold commitment of $1 billion in generative AI investment over the next three years.

Cognizant Pushes For AI Development

According to a report, this ambitious endeavor aligns with insights gleaned from a joint study by Cognizant and Oxford Economics, anticipating generative AI making a staggering $1 trillion contribution to the U.S. economy by 2032. Following this, the firm’s CEO, Ravi Kumar S., stressed the organization’s unwavering dedication to staging as an AI-first enterprise, spotlighting the Lab’s establishment as a pivotal stride toward AI innovation.

Meanwhile, the Lab’s primary objective lies in curating AI systems poised to augment decision-making processes and drive superior business outcomes across various domains. At the same time, the lab’s vital aim remains to harness the power of LLMs (Large language models) to foster decision-making AI systems that transcend conventional prompt engineering.

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Cognizant’s AI Lab Launch Follows Microsoft’s Azure Merger

Notably, Cognizant’s plans to launch an advanced AI lab follows a previous merger between the two tech giants, Microsoft and Cognizant. Earlier this year, the two entities announced the launch of the Innovation Assistant, a generative AI tool built atop Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service.

The merger between Microsoft and Cognizant for a generative AI tool was primarily intended to enhance Cognizant’s internal innovation program, Bluebolt. Following this merger, the newly launched advanced AI lab in San Francisco aims to further revolutionize the tech giant’s venture into AI.

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