Crypto Gainers of the Week Listed

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In the cryptocurrency market, prices fluctuate widely in short periods, making it exciting and profitable for investors to find top gainers. In the last week, many cryptocurrencies have experienced impressive gains, with some hitting their all-time highs, indicating high potential returns. Let’s examine the top crypto gainers of the week whose value increased by over 60% using CoinMarketCap data, analyzing the reasons for their surges and implications for the overall market.

Top Crypto Gainers This Week

Here is a list of top crypto gainers in the past week.


FLOKI has experienced a significant 159.34% rise, making it the top performer of the week and attracting investors’ interest. Valued at $0.0002633, this meme-based digital currency has witnessed a substantial increase in trading volume, reaching $2,716,278,203. The overall positive trend in the cryptocurrency market and the popularity of meme coins may have played a role in FLOKI’s upward trajectory.

FLOKI (FLOKI) price market performance chart

2. Pepe (PEPE):

Pepe Coin, another rallying meme coin, valued at $0.000009066, has experienced a significant 122.39% increase over the last week. The sudden spike in its value to $3,452,084,946 can be attributed to the growing trend of meme coins and the overall crypto market rally.

3. Bitcoin Gold (BTG):

Bitcoin Gold has increased by 116.76% over the past week, hitting $68.62. Despite being less popular than Bitcoin, BTG has attracted considerable interest and trading activity, totaling $395,187,465. Its rise demonstrates continued interest in alternative cryptocurrencies. The association with Bitcoin has helped boost its price

4. (FET):

In the previous week, saw a surge of 80.63%, reaching a price of $2.94,  and having hit an all-time high of $2.99 on March 9, 204. With a trading volume of $933,869,713, the project, which centers on AI and machine learning applications in decentralized finance (DeFi), has become popular with investors looking for cutting-edge blockchain solutions. (FET) price market performance chart

The rise in Fetch AI (FET) price is attributed to the launch of Fetch Compute by the Fetch.AI Foundation. This effort, revealed on March 5, 2024, entails a $100 million investment to boost development capabilities in the AI economy. Through the use of advanced Nvidia GPUs, Fetch Compute speeds up innovation within the Fetch.AI ecosystem, tackling the GPU scarcity and giving developers enhanced computational power. Furthermore, Fetch Compute Credits incentivize FET token holders, granting them access to the network’s computing power. This strategic decision enhances the usefulness of the FET token and strengthens Fetch.AI’s infrastructure capabilities, in line with its goal of a smart and interconnected AI world

5. Shiba Inu (SHIB):

Shiba Inu, inspired by Dogecoin, has risen by 76.39% in the past week to $0.00003561. With a volume of $4,977,710,361, SHIB’s increase reflects the trend of meme coins growing in popularity in the cryptocurrency market. Its token burn program removed 410 trillion tokens, boosting its market position alongside Bitcoin’s surge.

6. Dogwifhat (WIF):

Dogwifhat (WIF), with a price of $2.12, has experienced a significant 74.72% rise in the previous week, achieving an all-time high of $2.37 on March 8, 2024. Garnering a trading volume of $611,472,215, this fresh digital currency on the Solana platform has garnered interest. (FET) price market performance chart

7. Arweave (AR): 

AR’s price has seen a 72.69% increase in the past week, reaching $44.90 with a trading volume of $301,217,700. The surge is due to its decentralized storage and AI capabilities, along with processing over 3.2 billion transactions. Co-founder Sam Williams has introduced Arweave AO, boosting confidence and improving scalability for projects with its advanced computing technology.

8. eCash (XEC): 

Over the previous week, eCash saw a significant 67.30% rise, reaching a price of $0.00007168. The surge in XEC price was driven by a growing community and continuous development advancements, with improvements to the Cashtab Wallet, Bitcoin ABC Node Software, and the Avalanche on eCash initiative boosting confidence. Although the RSI suggests overbought levels in the short term, positive market sentiment and fundamental progress indicate strong growth potential for XEC in the long term.

9. Theta Network (THETA):

THETA has experienced a significant surge of 63.26% in the last seven days, reaching a price of $3.15. With a volume of $148,109,859, Theta Network’s blockchain-based video delivery infrastructure continues to gain traction and developments in the streaming industry, as well AI altcoins rallying.


The cryptocurrency market’s dynamism is on full display with the remarkable performances of these top gainers over the past week. From meme-inspired tokens to innovative blockchain projects, each cryptocurrency’s surge reflects evolving trends and investor sentiments within the market. The surges in the crypto space may differ due to various factors like community excitement and technological progress, highlighting the increasing diversity and potential of cryptocurrencies. Investors should carefully research and be cautious, acknowledging the opportunities and risks in cryptocurrency investments

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