ETH, PEPE, & BLUR Among Top Coins Magnetizing Smart Money: Nansen

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In a thrilling turn of events witnessed across the cryptocurrency realm recently, ETH, PEPE, and BLUR nabbed significant attention among crypto market traders and investors globally as Nansen revealed key on-chain insights orbiting Smart Money accumulations. Aligning with this data, ETH, BLUR, and PEPE ranked among the top tokens, per Nansen’s smart money token inflow list, positioning at the fourth, sixth, and ninth places, respectively.

This propelled immense optimism for these tokens across the broader crypto market, hinting at bolstered price actions for the above-mentioned altcoins ahead.

Smart Money accumulations ride the usual optimistic market wave of substantial whale accumulations from seasoned and experienced investors. This further mirrored market optimism for these tokens, garnering significant attention among crypto market enthusiasts globally.

A Closer Look Into Nansen’s List

The list offers a synopsis of some of the top tokens Smart Money acquired on the Ethereum network. ETH itself recorded net sales worth $4.72 million to Smart Money with an exchange inflow of $277.94 million, ranking fourth on the list.

Meanwhile, Blur, ranking sixth on the list, registered net sales worth $1.17 million, whereas the token noted an exchange outflow of $36.36 million. Further, PEPE, ranking ninth on the list, noted net sales worth $1.09 million, with an exchange inflow of $5.42 million.

This promptly piqued the interest of crypto market traders and investors globally as ETH and PEPE showcased remarkable gains over the past month, mirroring a bull run. Simultaneously, Blur showcased quite the volatility over the past month, although a significant monthly surge as of press time recorded garnered further attention.

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ETH, PEPE Dip While BLUR Jumps

As of writing, Ethereum’s price noted a marginal drop of 0.43% in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $3,788. With a monthly surge of nearly 60%, optimism for the token further aligns with Smart Money accumulations.

Meanwhile, the PEPE coin’s price noted a 12.21% dip in the past 24 hours, reaching $0.000006767. However, even PEPE’s monthly surge of a staggering 616.05% reflected market optimism, further falling in line with the smart money accumulations.

Intriguingly, Blur’s price has increased by 4.81% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.6768. Although the token’s monthly surge was not as colossal as the altcoins mentioned above, a nearly 20% rally amassed notable attention as Blur traded with quite the volatility, birthing speculations over Smart Money accumulations orbiting this altcoin.

Nonetheless, with the bolstered sense of confidence portrayed by these seasoned and experienced traders, as seen in Nansen’s Smart Money list, crypto market enthusiasts extensively eye these tokens for further pumps ahead.

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