Important Warning From Shiba Inu Team Member as SHIB Burn Rate Drops 100%

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Shiba Inu has always been a polarizing project with its inherent volatility and vicious price movements. But it’s also safe to say that the entire protocol has evolved considerably since its founding.

Stark Shiba Inu Warning

That said, one of the team members who goes by the Twitter handle LucieSHIB, who is the investor and marketing lead at Shiba Inu, recently made a general warning:

Every time I give, I get it back from somewhere else.

Remember, do good and good will come to you. There is never enough kindness and generosity in the world.

However, be careful and not naive in the crypto space – always exercise caution and due diligence. Stay safe and sharp.

Indeed, the crypto space is known for no shortage of fraudulent activity. Just a few weeks ago, as CryptoPotato reported, a British-Chinese woman was sentenced to six years in prison for laundering Bitcoin in a $6 billion scam.

Less than two weeks ago, an account dedicated to tracking Shibarium-related scams also warned users to stay alert:

Stay safe out there, and always double-check before connecting your wallet to any site.

SHIB Burn Rate Drops Massively

In other news, the burn rate of SHIB tokens decreased by almost 100% today, according to data from Shibburn.

Source: Shibburn

This burning mechanism was implemented by the team in the past, aiming to reduce the tremendous initial supply that the cryptocurrency was launched with.

The decrease is likely associated with the lack of volatility throughout the past hours.

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