Memecoin BONK Heads Towards The Peak After Recent Listing; Here’s What’s Happening

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While the BONK was facing a dip, the new listing announcement for the token has brought it back in the hike. Meme coin BONK faced a price fall after climbing to its ATH value on 4th March. Instead of moving for more, the prices collapsed. Will BONK be able to cover the recent loss? Will a peak form? Let’s discuss that in this blog.

BitMEX Announced Meme coin BONK Listing

Within one hour of BitMEX announcing the BONK listing, the coin grasped the 6% surge. The listing will be live from the 11th of March by 4 UTC. Despite that, the BitMEX user can view the BONK on the platform from 8 March.

The Dog has spoken. @bonk_inu is coming to BitMEX Spot.

Deposits for $BONK opened today at 09:00 UTC and trading will go live on 11 March at 04:00 UTC.

The best part – we’re airdropping $20,000 in $BONK. Here’s how you get your share

— BitMEX (@BitMEX) March 8, 2024

Along with the listing, the exchange has also mentioned the rewards for users on trading BONK within the platform. The reward includes 20,000 dollars worth of BONK airdrop.

BONK’s listing is the result of its outstanding performance in the last few days, where it has surged by 200% in a month. It is currently trading at $0.00003181 after a surge of 7% in the last 24 hours, with a trading volume of $979,829,338 after a 40% hike. This surge was a new hope of getting a comeback after the recent fall.

How BONK Will Shift After The Listing?

From yesterday, there has been a significant increase of 40% in volume as well as the market cap of the meme coin BONK. It ranked 58 on Coinmarketcap with its recent market cap of $2,069,795,542 after a 5% surge. This volume increment indicates the growing interest of users in this crypto. However, the token value hasn’t spiked much after the fall.

After the ATH value, BONK dropped to the lowest point of $0.00002658, and right now, it is at $0.00003181, which isn’t the best comeback.

According to the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), the BONK has separated from its recent bullish run, and the seller has taken over the crypto. Also, the Fibonacci extension indicates the chances of a price surge in the upcoming days.

For the next few days, it is anticipated that BONK may experience price conflicts and volatility problems. The price will fluctuate between as low as $.000030 to as high as $0.000089. This data might vary over the coins’ performance in the next few days.


With its recent performance, meme coin BONK has marked its place in the list of top meme coins, including Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Because of the recent incredible performance of meme coins, the rumors are out for meme season to take over the crypto market. It has to see how BONK will move on the charts after its announcement of listing on BitMEX. Read more about the top 5 meme coins with 100x potential.

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