Microsoft Employee Raises Concern over AI System’s “Offensive Image” Creation

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AI’s legitimacy and safety have again come under fire as Microsoft’s artificial intelligence system comes under question. According to a CNN report, an employee of Microsoft made allegations about the company’s AI system creating “offensive images”. The allegations come at a time when Microsoft’s peer Google has also faced scrutiny over inappropriate image generation via its Gemini AI tool.

Microsoft’s AI System Under Fire

According to CNN, a letter delivered on Wednesday to the US Federal Trade Commission by a Microsoft employee warns that the company’s artificial intelligence systems may produce harmful imagery, particularly sexualized images of women. Microsoft’s AI text-to-image generator Copilot Designer, according to primary software engineering lead Shane Jones, has “systemic issues” that enable it to regularly produce potentially unpleasant or inappropriate images, including sexualized representations of women. Jones also took issue with the company’s promotion of the product as safe, even for young users.

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AI Image Generation Garners Overall Scrutiny

Microsoft’s AI image case comes at a time when the entire tech industry is already trying to perfect image generation via AI. Previously Alphabet Inc.’s Google announced that it would cease producing photos of humans after facing backlash over how its Gemini artificial intelligence program handled images based on race. According to reports, Google had acknowledged that they were addressing recent problems with the image-generating component of Gemini. The firm then decided to stop producing human photographs and to soon make available an improved version.

Tech Giants to Keep AI as Prime Priority

Currently, the majority of tech businesses are attempting to profit handsomely from artificial intelligence. AI products are a part of almost all publicly traded technology companies, in one form or another. Nonetheless, these products continue to generate comparatively little profit and income at this time. Tech companies are making a lot of effort to get on the AI bandwagon to earn good sources of money.

Future revenue streams for IT companies will be significantly boosted by AI. Tech firms in the future will rely a large portion of their business on artificial intelligence. Given the constant introduction of new product lists and subscription models, tech firms rolling out multiple AI revenue streams. It is also anticipated that the worldwide artificial intelligence market will develop at a CAGR of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030. According to Forbes, China is anticipated to gain the most from AI. Including North America, the country’s GDP will have increased by 26% by 2030. These benefits when combined will account for $10.7 trillion, or more than 70% of the impact on the world economy.

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