NFT Platform Lost Worlds Launches Creation Portal to Enable Simplified GeoNFT Minting

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[PRESS RELEASE – New York, United States, March 7th, 2024]

Location-based NFT platform Lost Worlds has launched a new Creation Portal, enabling users to create and deploy geographically-linked digital collectibles (geoNFTs) with unprecedented ease.

The team behind the multi-chain platform says the portal will propel its ecosystem into full autonomy and sustainability by bringing its Pokemon Go-esque infrastructure to the masses.

Previously, creating and deploying geoNFTs required direct coordination with the Lost Worlds team. The Creation Portal changes this, opening the doors to anyone – from individual enthusiasts to large-scale projects – interested in crafting and exploring geoNFTs across any supported blockchain.

The development is said to align perfectly with Lost Worlds’ vision of seamlessly integrating NFTs with real-world locations. The platform, which has brought geoNFTs to the world with the support of Ava Labs, wants to create meaningful connections between digital assets and physical experiences.

Through the Creation Portal, users can mint their own geoNFTs without the need for a mobile app. This user-friendly approach ensures that anyone, anywhere, can participate in the Lost Worlds ecosystem without having to contend with technical barriers.

In time, the Creation Portal’s capabilities will expand with advanced features and functionalities incorporated according to user feedback. Mooted enhancements include a broader range of location types and increased token automation options, including airdrops, teleportation, bounties and GameFi check-ins.

Lost Worlds has been supported in this initiative by the Avalanche team and ecosystem as well as Polygon, as it seeks to usher in a new era for NFTs by blending the excitement of location-based gaming with the fast-evolving Web3 world.

geoNFTs can be leveraged by companies of all sizes and types, from museums and theme parks to retail stores and restaurants, encouraging customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue. This hybrid experience allows customers to enjoy the physical world while engaging with its digital counterpart.

Lost Worlds is inviting users to visit to mint their first geoNFT. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection or elevate your business, the Creation Portal is a convenient gateway to the next level of digital interaction.

About Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is the first location-based NFT platform, bridging the gap between web2 and web3. The multi-chain platform’s easy-to-mint geoNFTs give people the opportunity to engage with digital assets at real-world locations like stores, museums, or events, creating a hybrid experience where customers can enjoy the physical world while interacting with its digital equivalent. Visit to explore the future of NFTs today.

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