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OKX Introduces Advanced Trading Amid Probe in South Korea

OKX, a global pioneer in Web3 technology and virtual assets, recently announced plans to expand its strategic partnership with SignalPlus, a leading virtual asset trading infrastructure provider. The partnership expansion primarily eyes the amalgamation of SignalPlus’ all-inclusive array of trading tools into OKX’s trading platform, offering users the most seamless trading experience.

A Closer Look Into The Report

With the expansion of the two entities’ collaboration mentioned above, OKX appears to be advancing further with its cryptographic venture. Meanwhile, SignalPlus, with its integration into OKX’s network, eyes facilitating crypto options, futures, perpetual, and spot trading, attracting users globally while also fostering growth across the broader crypto community.

Notably, OKX’s global CEO, Lennix Lai, further spotlighted this merger’s extension by stating, “We look forward to extending SignalPlus’ advanced trading functionalities to more products on our platform.” The primary objective is to propel crypto adoption by uplifting traders to trade smarter and leverage a more premium user experience through technology.

On the other hand, SignalPlus Co-Founder Chris Yu expressed her excitement about the expansion with OKX. Yu stated that offering a seamless trading experience to users amid the current market recovery period remains of utmost priority. Moreover, the partnership serves as a testament to the organizations’ collective dedication to providing accessible and high-quality software in crypto trading for all traders.

The two entities announced their first partnership in May 2023, eyeing fostering advanced options trading tools for users. Subsequently, the partnership now eyes expansion and aims to offer best-in-class trading experience.

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OKX Encounters Potential Probe In South Korea

As per South Korea’s local media, DAXA (Digital Asset Exchange Alliance), a working group of the nation’s top 5 crypto exchanges, recently reported OKX to the local authorities for allegedly functioning without an appropriate registration. Although the exchange does not offer services to South Korean investors, DAXA accused OKX of promoting its Jumpstart program to local crypto investors.

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