Revela Decompiler Unveiled: A Game Changer in Blockchain Security

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[PRESS RELEASE – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, March 8th, 2024]

Verichains, a leading provider of blockchain security solutions, announced today the release of Revela, the first-ever decompiler for the Aptos blockchain. This tool has been designed to decompile low level bytecode of Move-based smart contracts back to human-readable source code. The successful development of Revela is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Verichains, Aptos Lab, and the invaluable support from the Aptos Foundation.

The unveiling of the Revela has garnered enthusiastic responses from the industry experts, highlighting its potential to tackle critical security challenges that arise in the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

Wolfgang Grieskamp, Head of Move Language shared his thoughts on Revela, “The Move decompiler developed in collaboration by Verichains and Aptos Labs is a game changer for the security on the Aptos network. It allows to convert any bytecode deployed on the chain back to source code. Only possible with Move!”

Aptos Labs announced the release on their Medium blog:

The motivation to develop Revela stems from a common practice in blockchain development, wherein smart contracts are frequently deployed solely in low-level bytecode form, without the corresponding source code. This not only obfuscates their functionality but also presents a significant barrier to security analysis, given that Aptos is a relatively new chain with limited tooling for analyzing Move contracts.

Recognizing this critical issue, Verichains, a leader in blockchain security, in partnership with Aptos Labs, set out to bring transparency for the Move language. Their collaboration aimed to empower developers, security researchers, and users with the tool to comprehend, scrutinize, and secure smart contracts, thereby strengthening the integrity of the Aptos ecosystem.

Dr. Nguyen, the Chief Research and Development at Verichains further commented upon successful delivery of the tool, “Revela effectively open-sources all the smart contracts on the Aptos blockchain, enabling comprehensive security audits of on-chain code that were previously infeasible. It is really a game changer!”

Gerardo Di Giacomo, Head of Security at Aptos Labs commented, “Thanks to a collaboration between Aptos Labs and Verichains we introduce Revela, the first Move decompiler, an innovative tool set to enhance the Aptos network security.”

Access and Contributions

With the ultimate goal of increasing accessibility, Verichains also makes Revela available as a free online tool at

Verichains is committed to the long-term success of Revela. The company will continuously maintain and develop new features, ensuring the tool stays up-to-date with the needs of the Move community and the evolving Aptos ecosystem.

About Verichains

Verichains is a leading provider of blockchain security solutions, specializing in cryptanalysis, security audits, and application security solutions. Renowned for investigating and mitigating some of the largest Web3 hacks, such as Ronin and BNB Chain Bridge, we blend groundbreaking research with practical security solutions to deliver comprehensive protection for the blockchain industry.

Verichains’ world-class security and cryptography research team has successfully identified critical vulnerabilities impacting billions of dollars across the industry, uncovering flaws within the core of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) implementations by major vendors. As a trusted security partner to leading Web3 companies and Crypto Exchanges like BnB Chain, Polygon Labs, WEMIX, Aptos, Klaytn, Bullish and DWF Labs, Verichains leverages its deep roots in traditional cybersecurity to deliver cutting-edge solutions for a safer, more secure Web3 ecosystem.

Users can find out more about Verichains here.

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