SMOG Skyrockets 600% to $264M As Dragon-themed Meme Coin Airdrops Go Viral

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SMOG is the latest crypto sensation. The dragon-themed meme coin exploded 391.93% this week to attain a $265 market cap.

The key allure of SMOG is its series of airdrops that have gone viral on social media platforms. With 30% of the token supply set aside for airdrops and 50% allocated for marketing, SMOG is strategically becoming a meme coin worth watching.

600% Jump in a Month: The SMOG Phenomenon Explained

SMOG is a new meme coin that entered the market as a stealth launch on Solana in February. In a remarkably short time, the project has become a viral sensation with impressive numbers.

Although SMOG debuted on Solana, it has a multichain infrastructure. For better accessibility and affordability, SMOG is now available on Ethereum as well.

SMOG stands apart in the crowded meme coin market with a fresh narrative and theme centred around crypto airdrops. Rather than going for the typical dog, puppy, and frog icons, SMOG is centred around a dragon storyline.

While ‘dog’ coins are extremely popular, SMOG’s unique narrative has helped it stand apart in the market crowded with cheap knockoffs. The vibrant airdrops hosted on Zealy further fuel the craze around the project.

Crypto Airdrop FOMO: 1.45 Million Quests Completed

One of the key factors pulling investors into SMOG, apart from its speculative appeal, is the ongoing crypto airdrop campaign. Users who buy and hold $SMOG tokens will accrue airdrop points, which increase their chances of winning the rewards.

Another way to increase the chances of winning and accumulating more airdrop points is by completing the SMOG quests hosted on Zealy. The quests require participants to complete simple tasks like following Smog on Twitter.

With 1.45M quests completed already, it is described as the “greatest airdrop of all time”. The airdrop has helped the project create a community of diamond hands who are largely immune to the pump-and-dump schemes. SMOG boasts a 127K+ cross-platform community now.

The prospect of attractive airdrop rewards encourages investors to hold the token for a longer period of time. This, in turn, strengthens the resilience of the meme coin against downturns.

How Long Will the SMOG Pump Last?

The ongoing airdrop campaign explains why SMOG has skyrocketed to a $263 million market cap within days of going live.

The newly launched staking protocol further incentivizes token holding with returns up to 42% APY. Through staking, investors can put their tokens to work and accumulate more of them during the holding period.

A burning mechanism is also rumoured to be in the pipeline. The deflationary system, once live, will boost the potential returns of early investors by taking advantage of the inverse relationship between supply and price.

Following in the footsteps of recent meme coin successes like BONK and WIF, SMOG is speculated to be listed on Binance soon. As is the norm in the crypto market, the Binance listing is likely to set a new all-time high for SMOG, potentially taking it to the top 5 meme coin rankings.

Popular crypto analyst Matthew Perry featured SMOG four weeks ago as a high-potent meme coin to his 210,000 subscribers. More traders and analysts are coming forward with bullish investment outlooks for the token after the explosive price action. For example, Jacob Bury lists SMOG as a potential 100x low-cap gem.

SMOG is available for purchase on Ethereum and Solana blockchains. Buying directly from the website, investors get a 10% OTC discount on SMOG token purchases. Staking is now live.

$3.9M Raised: Scotty the AI is Preparing for a FOMO-Fuelled Launch

Another hot meme coin of this season is Scotty the AI. The token effectively taps into two viral crypto trends – meme coins and AI cryptos.

“Moving through the digital world with lightning-fast agility, darting through the blockchain like a ghost in the machine. Scotty bypasses security systems with ease, slipping through the tiniest gaps in firewalls and encryption algorithms,” notes the website.

With the presale already near the $4M milestone, Scotty the AI is preparing for a grand launch.

The $SCOTTY presale is moving fast, if the growing traffic is any sign. The presale supports purchases in ETH, USDT, and cards.

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