Smog Token ($SMOG) Explodes 360% and Hits $200 Million Market Cap as Experts Suggest Potential Binance Listing Incoming

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The viral meme coin sensation Smog Token climbed beyond the impressive $200 million market cap milestone today after surging 360% this week.

The airdrop-focused multi-chain meme coin is turning heads with impressive growth stats, with many experts suggesting it will be next to be added to Binance following the $MYRO and $WIF listings earlier this week.

With a historic airdrop on the way, lucrative staking rewards, a potential burning mechanism, and an expertly crafted marketing plan, Smog Token ($SMOG) is shaping up to be an interesting meme coin. It seeks to follow in the footsteps of $BONK and reach a $1 billion market cap.

Smog Token ($SMOG) Becomes Top-Trending Meme Coin After Hitting $200 Million Market Cap

Smog Token continues to become one of the top-trending meme coins in the sector, reaching an astonishing $200 million market cap today.

The Solana-based meme coin has been on a tear this week, surging by an extraordinary 360% to set a new all-time high price of $0.314. This week’s price surge puts $SMOG ahead of market leaders such as $DOGE, $PEPE, $BONK, $WIF, and $MYRO regarding weekly gains.

$SMOG underwent a fair launch through Jupiter DEX on the Solana blockchain on February 7th. It has since gone multi-chain through Wormhole and is available on Ethereum.

Historic Airdrop Encourages Strong Diamond Hand Holders

Smog Token ($SMOG) brings a unique twist to the meme coin sector through its novel airdrop utility.

The project allows its users to buy and hold $SMOG tokens to accumulate airdrop points and participate in what’s being described as the “greatest airdrop of all time.”

The airdrop utility has helped establish a community of over 17,100 members on Telegram, creating an atmosphere of diamond-hand holders who refuse to sell the token, helping establish a strong price floor.

In addition to buying and holding $SMOG, users can accumulate more airdrop points by participating in the quests outlined on Smog Token’s Zealy campaign. The quests involve users completing tasks like following Smog Token on Twitter and answering quizzes to earn airdrop points for a higher $SMOG airdrop distribution.

The Zealy campaign has witnessed staggering success, with the team announcing that over 1 million quests had been completed – demonstrating the extraordinary interest in this incoming airdrop distribution.

 Multi-Chain Meme Coin With Lucrative Staking Rewards

Smog Token further increased the incentives for the community to stay for the long term through its newly launched staking protocol, which currently provides $SMOG holders with a 42% APY return.

The project’s multi-chain launch for $SMOG allowed it to launch this staking feature, allowing holders to deposit their assets to earn more tokens while they wait for the airdrop.

Furthermore, there are hints from the team that a potential burning mechanism might be incoming, which would turn the meme coin into a deflationary token.

Potential Binance Listing Incoming?

With such a powerful drive pushing Smog Token, it’s unsurprising that experts suggest that $SMOG is the most likely candidate to be the next meme coin project listed on Binance.

The number-one crypto exchange has been on a listing spree this week, with a specific focus on Solana-based meme coins. That’s why traders are now anticipating a listing for $SMOG.

For example, Binance recently listed dogwifhat ($WIF) and Myro ($MYRO) to its exchange, two Solana-based meme coins that have seen tremendous traction over the past few weeks.

With Smog Token now hitting a nine-figure market cap, traders are speculating on the Binance listing—especially considering the exchange’s willingness to capitalize on the meme coin mania.

Furthermore, high-profile influencers are starting to champion $SMOG for continued success. For example, Matthew Perry, an influencer with over 210,000 subscribers, recently called the token, and Jacob Bury believes it could 100x from current prices ahead of the airdrop.

Overall, Smog Token ($SMOG) is already on a roll and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The token can be purchased on both Ethereum and Solana blockchains. The best place to purchase the token is OTC through the project’s website, which is currently offering a 10% discount. Users can buy the token through $USDT, $ETH, or a credit/debit card.

Visit $SMOG Website

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