Solana Price: Will SOL Price Hit $200?

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Solana (SOL) price has been steadily increasing, hitting a two-year peak and surging over 680% in the last year due to a expanding ecosystem. The DeFi ecosystem of Solana is thriving with more than 125 protocols and a TVL exceeding $7.56 billion.The platform also hosts stablecoins worth over $2.7 billion and is making significant strides in the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) industry, with Jupiter as the largest DEX. As Solana’s ecosystem grows, the possibility of its price reaching $200 becomes a topic of discussion.

Solana Price Market Performance

Solana Price Market Performance Chart

Solana price has demonstrated impressive market growth, trading at $147.83 presently. Within the last 24 hours, SOL increased by 3.75%, and over the previous year, it surged by 661.40%. In just the past week, its price rose by 10.25%. It holds a market cap of $65.51 billion, ranking it fifth  on CoinMarketCap. Trading volume in the last 24 hours reached $5.36 billion, marking an 11.58% increase. 

The token’s robust trading activity is evident with an 8.63% volume-to-market cap ratio. A significant portion of the total supply, 443.13 million SOL out of 571.37 million SOL, is in circulation, indicating the cryptocurrency’s increasing importance and reliability in the market.

Recently Solana shone in the crypto market as it scooped the CMC Crypto Award of the Year, for its demonstration of resilience and innovation, thereby attracting the interest of investors. This together with the recent rally of Dogwifhat (WIF), a Solana-based token, significantly contributed to SOL’s price increase. 

Analysts Predictions

A renowned crypto trade Altcoin Sherpa outlined his optimistic forecast for Solana. Emphasizing its potential, he indicated that SOL, currently ranked fifth by market capitalization, is poised to break all-time highs. Speculating on the extent of this surge, he proposed a range between 250% and 600%, with price targets of $500 considered probable and even $1,000 deemed within the realm of possibility.

Sherpa’s analysis suggests that Solana’s token has already demonstrated significant momentum, and after surpassing the $140 mark, it is poised to encounter resistance levels around $174 and $202. These important achievements mark significant moments in SOL’s advancement, showcasing itself as ‘Ethereum Killer’ and its ability to establish a unique position in the cryptocurrency market. Despite being valued at $147 currently, Solana’s past peak of around $260 in November 2021 demonstrates its growth potential.

$SOL: This will cleanly break all time highs this cycle, the only question is how high. $500 is probable, something obscene like 1000 isn’t out of the question imo. Still one of my bigger bags. $170 next level up #Solana

— Altcoin Sherpa (@AltcoinSherpa) March 7, 2024

As market dynamics continue to evolve, SOL remains an asset of interest for investors seeking substantial returns.

Another analyst Crypto Capital Venture, recently emphasized that monitoring Solana’s price chart holds significance for crypto enthusiasts, particularly Bitcoin holders, as Solana’s performance often acts as a leading indicator for the broader altcoins market during bullish cycles. Predictions suggest Solana’s price could surge to $235, based on historical patterns indicating further upward movement. Excitement surrounds Solana’s recent breakout and sustained uptrend, with past forecasts showcasing significant growth. Despite Bitcoin’s consolidation post-rally, Solana’s momentum remains robust, signaling potential growth opportunities.

Solana Price Forecast

Solana’s technical analysis presents a compelling case for a bullish trend, with various indicators pointing towards upward momentum. The Moving Averages (50) and (200) both signal a “Buy” sentiment, indicating a strong upward trajectory over these periods. Additionally, the MACD confirms positive momentum, further supporting the bullish outlook.

However, to assess Solana’s potential to reach $200, it’s crucial to consider both resistance and support levels. While resistance levels at $145.27 and $160.33 serve as significant hurdles that Solana must surpass to achieve the $200 milestone, support levels provide a safety net for potential price corrections or pullbacks.

The support levels identified in the pivot points analysis—$107.73, $122.79, and $145.27—act as critical levels where buying pressure may emerge, preventing Solana’s price from falling further. These support levels are crucial in providing stability to Solana’s price action and serve as key areas for traders to monitor for potential entry opportunities.


Considering the analysis provided in the article, including Solana’s impressive market growth, expanding ecosystem, and bullish predictions from analysts, there’s a strong indication that Solana has the potential to reach $200. Factors such as its current price performance, the momentum in its ecosystem, and the positive sentiment among analysts suggest that hitting the $200 milestone is feasible for Solana soon. However, achieving this target may depend on overcoming certain resistance levels and navigating market dynamics effectively. As such, traders and investors should exercise caution and employ risk management strategies when considering Solana’s potential to hit $200 soon.


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