Telos and Web3 Incubator Atka Announce Strategic Partnership

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[PRESS RELEASE – PARIS, FRANCE, March 11th, 2024]

The Telos Foundation today announces a new strategic partnership with Paris-based Web3 incubator Atka, who will help Telos expand its roots in France and across Europe, while also opening up access to new funding and networking for projects within the Telos ecosystem.

Telos’ tech infrastructure currently includes Telos Zero and Telos EVM, with new zkEVM gaming sidechain K2-18 also in development and slated for release later this year. Telos also recently unveiled SNARKtor, a scalable and robust protocol for decentralized recursive proof aggregation that allows for the aggregation of many proofs across different transactions into a single unique proof.

Atka launched in 2018 and has hosted multiple successful cohorts that have included pioneering projects such as Mangrove, PlayMakers and Morpho, which has surpassed $2 billion USD in TVL with its Lending Optimizer and recently launched Morpho Blue, a lending primitive offering unparalleled efficiency and flexibility.

Through the new partnership, the Telos Foundation is looking to continue to build on a highly productive recent growth cycle that has included the introduction of CEO Lee Erswell, Head of Gaming Justin Edwards, Executive Director John Lilic and Latin America ambassador Ana Ojeda.

“Telos is exactly the kind of protocol we want to introduce into our network due to its robust technical infrastructure, talented team, supportive community, and the strong momentum it has already built,” said Pierre Laurent, one of Atka’s 3 co-founders. “Both of our organizations are incredibly excited about what we can accomplish through this new alliance.”

In addition to the recent key hires at Telos, the project has continued to rapidly onboard developer partners to its ecosystem, which now includes around 100 dApps and recently surpassed $100 million USD in TVL. Recent catalysts at Telos and across the broader Web3 landscape have led to what the Telos Foundation believes is optimal timing for the strategic partnership with Atka.

“It’s time to take Telos to the next level as far as cementing its role as one of the strongest, most capable networks on the planet,” said Executive Director John Lilic. “Partnering with Atka can help us significantly improve our ecosystem while simultaneously expanding awareness of Telos in both retail and investment communities across Europe.”

The two organizations have already begun planning a number of initiatives and work streams that will help build awareness for Telos in Atka’s home market of France, while also connecting investors looking for potential high-growth opportunities with relevant projects building on Telos.

About Telos

Telos is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem renowned for its world-class Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which tested as the fastest globally, as well as its high-speed consensus layer, Telos Zero. Telos is currently expanding its capabilities with novel Zero Knowledge (ZK) technology, which promises to enhance privacy and scalability for global use cases. Telos is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and efficient future for decentralized applications, underscoring its commitment to driving progress and expanding the possibilities of Web3 technology. Telos is overseen by The Telos Foundation, an ownerless foundation dedicated to advancing the Telos blockchain network and its community.

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