Telos Introduces ETH France President Jerome de Tychey as First Member of Executive Advisor Committee

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[PRESS RELEASE – PARIS, Canada, March 7th, 2024]

Telos today welcomes Jerome de Tychey as the inaugural member of its new Executive Advisor Committee, which will provide guidance, resources and ecosystem support to the project in order to enhance its growth and development.

de Tychey is the current President of Ethereum France and CEO of the Web3 development platform, Cometh. de Tychey is also an associate professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, where he teaches courses on financial markets and blockchain technology.

In addition to serving as Ehereum France President over the past 8 years, de Tychey was previously the Global Head of Client Success at Ledger and Director at Consensys France.

“Bringing Jerome into a key advisorship at Telos is going to provide tremendous value to our ecosystem and community,” said John Lilic, Executive Director at Telos. “We look forward to working with Jerome on the continued development of our dynamic and ever-evolving tech stack, while also collaborating on introducing Telos to new participants across Europe.”

The primary directives on Telos’ Executive Advisor Committee for de Tychey will be to contribute to the development of the Telos Network and raise awareness of the project, which he will achieve by working with the team on key events across Europe, including ETHCC for which Telos is a primary sponsor in 2024.

“Becoming the first member of Telos’ Executive Advisor Committee was a very easy decision for me once I understood the depth of what the team has built, and is continuing to develop,” said de Tychey on the appointment. “I look forward to playing a part in Telos’ journey as it rightfully cements itself as one of the most innovative blockchains in the space. The ongoing work on Zero Knowledge proofs is particularly exciting and has a huge role to play in the coming together of WebAssembly and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.”

Jerome’s role as a member of the Executive Advisor Committee is effective immediately and he has already begun working with Lilic and the rest of the Telos team on key initiatives.

About Telos

Telos is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem renowned for its world-class Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which tested as the fastest globally, as well as its high-speed consensus layer, Telos Zero. Telos is currently expanding its capabilities with novel Zero Knowledge (ZKzk) technology, which promises to enhance privacy and scalability for global use cases. Telos is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and efficient future for decentralized applications, underscoring its commitment to driving progress and expanding the possibilities of Web3 technology. Telos is overseen by The Telos Foundation, an ownerless foundation dedicated to advancing the Telos blockchain network and its community.


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