Top Crypto Gainers This Week – Smog Token Outperforms All Top Meme Coins

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Established meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have posted sizable gains this week, but they’ve been outshined by an under-the-radar token called Smog.

Smog (SMOG) is a dragon-themed meme coin has rocketed over 330% in the past seven days, cementing its status as one of the hottest new tokens on the scene.

SMOG Surges Past Dogecoin After Epic Price Rally

In a meme coin market that’s been heating up considerably in early 2024, one token has begun to make a name for itself – SMOG.

The Solana and Ethereum-based crypto has annihilated the competition with an over 3x price spike since this time last week.

To put SMOG’s returns into perspective, it has risen 18x more than DOGE, which itself has rallied 18%.

DOGE’s meme companion SHIB has also been left in the dust with its 130% weekly increase.

But perhaps most incredibly, SMOG’s vertical rally has surpassed that of fellow meme coin Myro (MYRO), which generated massive hype and buying demand after being listed on Binance this week.

While MYRO is up a respectable 190% this week, SMOG has still lapped it.

With momentum growing by the day, SMOG has quickly staked its claim as a meme coin to watch.

Its weekly returns have it beating heavy hitters and newly listed tokens alike, setting the stage for further gains in the weeks ahead.

Soaring Market Cap & Whale Buying Fuels SMOG’s Rise

SMOG’s exponential price trajectory is backed up by a flurry of other indicators pointing to genuine, self-sustaining momentum.

The token’s market cap has ballooned to $188 million at the time of writing – an increase of over $130 million in the last week alone.

Trading volumes are telling a similar story of relentless appetite for SMOG.

Over the past 24 hours, SMOG’s 24-hour volumes exceeded $13 million across decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

That marks a 369% spike from the previous day’s turnover.

Equally as impressive, SMOG now boasts over 54,000 individual holders after starting February with just a few hundred.

This expansion of its holder base reveals SMOG is rapidly entering the mainstream crypto consciousness.

Adding fuel to the fire are whale investors who have been buying SMOG tokens by the boatload.

On-chain data shows at least three massive buy orders valued at over $15,000 each in the past six hours.

SMOG’s Staking & Airdrop Rewards Set Stage for Long-Term Success

While SMOG’s explosive price action has undoubtedly turbocharged its rise to prominence, the project’s fundamentals and roadmap are also acting as catalysts.

From the start, SMOG’s team has taken an ambitious multi-chain approach – launching first on Solana before quickly expanding to Ethereum’s ecosystem.

This cross-chain integration will allow SMOG to be used and traded across multiple major blockchains in the future.

Another key fundamental is SMOG’s staking protocol, which incentivizes investors to accumulate and hold tokens long-term.

With 42% APY on offer, staking rewards provide a constant source of buy pressure as holders steadily compound their earnings over time.

But perhaps SMOG’s biggest driver has been its ingenious airdrop strategy aimed at rapidly expanding its user base.

By partnering with engagement platform Zealy, SMOG has dished out tens of millions of tokens through continuous airdrops to participants who complete community challenges.

This reward-based marketing has proven wildly successful – SMOG now has over one million completed “quests” on Zealy.

With 35% of the supply earmarked for airdrop rewards, SMOG’s team has the ammunition to continue incentivizing user growth.

As the project continues to execute on its roadmap and expand its ecosystem, it’s clear SMOG is a meme coin to watch in the coming days and weeks.

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