US Election 2024: Pro-Crypto Candidates in Texas and Alabama Clinch Senate Place

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Crypto voters are asserting their dominance in the upcoming 2024 US elections. According to a post on X, Fox journalist Eleanor Terrett mentions that pro-crypto candidates in Texas and Alabama had dominant first-place finishes in their races. The win comes just a day after XRP advocate John Deaton announced his campaign will be accepting cryptocurrency-based donations.

Pro-Crypto Candidates Win Comfortable Victories

According to Eleanor Terrett’s post,  Texas and Alabama pro-crypto politicians won their races handily by taking the lead. Shomari Figures of Alabama will compete in a Democratic primary runoff in April, and Julie Johnson of Texas won more than 50% of the vote to enter the race for the seat of Colin Allred in November.

The lead for crypto-supporting politicians comes as others also garner immense voter traction. To defeat Elizabeth Warren in the Senate, pro-XRP supporter John Deaton yesterday launched a fundraising campaign. Deaton’s fundraising campaign will also be accepting cryptocurrency. Overall, the cryptocurrency community has shown tremendous support for Deaton, with prominent proponents like Anthony Scaramucci also jumping on the bandwagon.

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Crypto Voters to Side with Better Policies

It is clear by now that crypto voters are looking for better policies and an open mind from politicians to understand and accept digital currencies. A good example of this is Katie Porter’s Senate defeat. The decision by Congresswoman Katie Porter to support Senator Elizabeth Warren’s anti-crypto stance has been directly linked to her defeat by Adam Schiff in the California Senate Primary.  To increase the number of cryptocurrency players involved in US politics, people have been supporting John Deaton since he announced that he would be challenging Elizabeth Warren for the US Senate seat. Warren, though, hasn’t just lazed around. Senator Elizabeth Warren rallied her support base in response to reports that she would face opposition for her Senate seat. Warren allegedly asked her supporters to reject John Deaton through emails and online fundraisers. However, her moves have usually garnered scrutiny from the larger crypto world, according to Bloomberg.

Why do Crypto Voters Matter?

Voters who use cryptocurrency will be very important in the US elections this year. In the past, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) was ordered to stop collecting data on energy use associated with Bitcoin mining operations. The ruling resulted from a lawsuit filed by the Texas Blockchain Council and Riot Platforms, among other industry players, to stop the data collection.

One in five Americans currently owns digital assets, according to Forbes. 52 million people, to be exact. The amount is significant enough to have a significant impact on the outcome of the US presidential election. Thus, any government hoping to win an election would probably need to win over Bitcoin enthusiasts.


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