US Election 2024: XRP Lawyer John Deaton Might Garner Crypto PAC’s Support

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Pro XRP lawyer John Deaton has received immense support from crypto market participants for his US senate race. However, the market is now placing bets on Deaton garnering support from crypto-backed PACs, especially Fairshake. Fox journalist Eleanor Terrett in a post on X raised speculations on the same.

XRP Supported Deaton Could see Further Support

Eleanor Terrett in her post said that it would be interesting to see super PAC Fairshake would show up in Massachusetts, where Deaton has challenged Senator Warren for her seat. Further clarifying her statement, Terrett says that Fairshake is planning to focus on other states as well as the election cycle rolls on. If the support does transcend into Massachusetts, it will prove to be extremely helpful for Deaton.

John Deaton at present has already started a fundraising effort. His campaign will see Cryptocurrency donations during the drive. Deaton has received a great deal of support from the cryptocurrency industry overall, and well-known supporters like Anthony Scaramucci have also jumped on board.

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Crypto Voters to Hold High Importance in 2024 US Elections

By now, it is evident that voters who support cryptocurrencies want politicians to embrace and comprehend digital currencies with an open mind and better legislation. Katie Porter’s Senate defeat serves as a prime illustration of this. Congresswoman Katie Porter’s choice to back Senator Elizabeth Warren’s anti-crypto position has a direct correlation to Schiff’s victory over her in the California Senate Primary. Since John Deaton declared he would be running against Elizabeth Warren for the US Senate seat, people have been supporting him to boost the number of bitcoin players active in US politics. Warren, though, hasn’t done anything but kick back. In reaction to rumors that she would encounter resistance for her Senate seat, Senator Elizabeth Warren also mobilized her network of support.

Forbes reports that one in five Americans currently owns digital assets. To be precise, 52 million people. The sum is large enough to matter greatly in how the US presidential election turns out. Thus, winning over Bitcoin aficionados would likely be necessary for any administration seeking to win an election.

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