VGX Foundation and Gala Games to Collaborate on new Web3-Enabled Games

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[PRESS RELEASE – George Town, Cayman Islands, February 4th, 2024]

The VGX Foundation, a Cayman Islands-based Foundation Company, announced today its collaboration with Gala Games to integrate VGX, the token formerly used by the now-defunct crypto brokerage firm Voyager Digital, into VGX-specific game titles. This integration will serve as the foundation for a reward token, used to acquire in-game items and unlock engagement opportunities.

Following the 2022 collapse and subsequent bankruptcy filing and liquidation of Voyager Digital in January 2023, the company’s assets were sold or liquidated. Although the VGX Foundation did not acquire any VGX tokens, there are currently more than 278 million VGX tokens in circulation.

With the newly released GalaChain SDK, developers can now test, call, and deploy chaincodes on GalaChain. After integration, gamers can earn VGX-based rewards for in-game achievements within VGX-specific titles by purchasing a season pass from Gala Games.

“The VGX Foundation is excited to provide new opportunities for gamers in conjunction with Gala Games,” said Claire Abrehart, Director of VGX (BVI) Ltd.

About VGX

The VGX Foundation leads the evolution of decentralized gaming economies through its dynamic blockchain-based gaming token, VGX. Serving as an in-game currency and reward mechanism, VGX empowers diverse gaming communities. The VGX Foundation actively fosters growth by facilitating grants and partnerships for game developers and platforms, enabling the expansion of the token’s use case and nurturing a thriving VGX ecosystem.


Director of VGX (BVI) Ltd
Claire Abrehart
VGX Foundation

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