VTuber: More Than Just Animated Avatars, Here’s Why

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With the advancement of technology, new job roles and professions have emerged. For all the high-tech and animation lovers, a new type of streaming and content creation profession has emerged, VTuber. It is the next level of streaming and content creation, which can be related to the YouTuber profile.This blog will cover what’s a VTuber? and how to become one if you find it your desired profession.

What’s A VTuber And How This Works?

VTuber or Virtual YouTuber is a virtual content creator who uses computer-generated avatars to create content on Twitch or YouTube. These avatars incorporate anime and personalized features, which can be according to the person. It has become particularly famous in Asian countries like Japan.

This type of content creation requires motion capture technology, which digitally captures human motion. Motion capture technology allows the user to move and engage with people in real-time.

It’s widely used in virtual reality, games, and even movies. There are different types of VTubing a person can opt for here. For example, the individual can go for gaming and commentaries and behave as a fictional character.

Motion capture records the body movement by putting sensors and markers on the person’s body. These sensors will be connected to the camera and other devices to create a 3-D model of a person’s movement. Once the data is collected, the virtual avatar will represent the person in animation or a virtual character form.

It is getting immense attention among youngsters, but it has technical limitations. The person needs to understand the concept of this motion capture technology. Also, the audience won’t be entertained just by the visuals. The person needs to create narratives and connect with the audience.

The best part of being a VTuber is the anonymity it provides with the virtual avatars.

How To Become A VTuber?

A VTuber job requires more than a skillset of entertaining the audience. It requires a concept, technology, a studio space, etc. To become a successful VTuber, the following are the things a person needs to follow: –

Create a virtual avatar with the help of 3D modeling software like VUP, Live2D, Blender, etc. You can choose the option according to your budget and requirements.
Design a concept or theme for videos. Once the person has completed this step, he can pre-record the video or live stream it on popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube.
To record a video, the person will require an adequate space for recording. The space should have good lighting and soundproofing for the best recording quality.
Once the videos are out, the person should connect with the audience. The person can do that with the help of voice recognition software or through chats.
The most vital step is to learn the movement and expression for a better character representation. The person should practice and work on gestures and facial expressions to the professional level.

VTuber VS YouTube Content Creator

One of the most famous streaming sites is YouTube, where thousands of people actively publish their content in various genres. VTuber is similar to the YouTuber as both create content, but the method of content creation is different. To understand these fundamental differences, go through the table mentioned below.


Virtual Avatars
Self Portrayal

Motion Capture Technology and Voice Recognition Tools
Basic Camera Or Smartphone

Content Style
Gaming Or Live Videos
Different Types of Content Based On Person, including Gaming, Live, Blogs, etc

Characters & Narration
Often Behave Like A Virtual Character
Act As Themselves

Target Audience
Specific Audience of Gaming Or Anime Community
Opts For a Broader Audience


VTuber is a profession where a person can create content with the help of Motion Capture Technology and virtual avatars to maintain anonymity. It is widely popular among the gaming and anime gaming community. These days, it’s also getting attention from the ordinary audiences. It might feel like YouTube, but there are extra points that a person needs to consider before they go for this profession.

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