XRP Holders Pockets $368 Million in a Week but Will Ripple v SEC Legal Battle Intervene?

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Profit-taking by XRP holders has led to a drop in the cryptocurrency’s price to $0.62, totaling $368.79 million in profits over the past week.

This comes amidst anticipation and uncertainty surrounding the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit, with the deadline for the regulator’s remedies-related opening brief set for March 22.

Amidst heightened profit-taking activities by XRP holders, the price of the cryptocurrency dropped to $0.62 on Friday, marking a notable correction from recent highs. Over the past week, holders have seized the opportunity to cash in on gains, collectively netting a substantial $368.79 million in profits. This surge in profit-taking coincides with a period of increased on-chain activity, suggesting a complex interplay of market dynamics at play.

SEC Lawsuit Deadline Looms

As XRP investors engage in profit-taking, all eyes are on the looming deadline of the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit, with the regulator’s remedies-related opening brief set for March 22. The outcome of this legal battle could significantly impact XRP’s future trajectory, adding an extra layer of uncertainty to an already volatile market.

The surge in profit-taking activities has coincided with heightened trade volume, indicating heightened market activity and investor interest in the altcoin. Despite the downward price pressure, XRP managed to hold above the psychologically significant $0.60 level, suggesting underlying support even amidst profit-taking.

According to data from Santiment, XRP holders have been consistently cashing out profits throughout March, particularly as the altcoin surged to a peak of $0.6685 earlier in the week. This behavior underscores the cautious sentiment among investors, who are keen to lock in gains amid the ongoing legal uncertainty surrounding Ripple.

Technical Analysis Points to Short-Term Volatility

Looking at technical indicators, XRP’s price could face further downward pressure in the short term. The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicator and the Awesome Oscillator (AO) suggest that the altcoin may sweep support at $0.57 before staging a recovery.

However, a daily close above the $0.62 level could invalidate this bearish scenario, potentially paving the way for a rally towards resistance at $0.66 and beyond. Ultimately, much will hinge on the outcome of the SEC lawsuit and how investors interpret its implications for XRP’s future.

While profit-taking pressures have exerted downward pressure on XRP’s price in the short term, the broader market sentiment remains uncertain pending the resolution of the SEC lawsuit. Investors should brace for heightened volatility in the days leading up to the March 22 deadline, with technical indicators signaling potential short-term swings in XRP’s price trajectory.

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