XRP Lawyer John Deaton & Elizabeth Warren To Face New Pro-Crypto Senate Rival

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In a stunning twist in the U.S. Senate race, a new candidate is rumored to challenge Senator Elizabeth Warren and her pro-XRP rival, John Deaton. Moreover, the rumored candidate would be up for some tiff competition if he chooses to pit against Elizabeth Warren and John Deaton.

Who Is XRP Advocate John Deaton & Elizabeth Warren’s New Rival?

Ian Cain, the co-founder of Qubic Labs, has recently declared his Republican affiliation, igniting speculation about his potential bid for Warren’s Senate seat. Cain’s background in the blockchain industry, through his involvement with Qubic Labs, underscores his pro-crypto stance. Moreover, it distinguishes him as a formidable opponent to the established candidates.

However, questions loom regarding his ability to secure the necessary 10,000 signatures by the May 7 deadline to secure a spot on the ballot. Deaton, the vocal advocate for XRP, has already amassed a substantial number of signatures, surpassing the halfway mark. Whilst, Cain would face a steep climb to catch up if he chooses to run against Warren and Deaton.

In addition, Deaton’s campaign benefits from the strategic counsel of Jim Conroy, a seasoned political advisor with ties to former Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker. Hence, if Cain decides to enter the race, he must not only win favor within the GOP ranks but also mobilize supporters to meet the stringent signature requirements within the tight time frame.

Furthermore, Cain’s speculated candidacy injects a fresh dimension into the electoral landscape. It would present voters with a choice between established incumbents and newcomers representing the crypto space.

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Fairshake To Support John Deaton?

Pro XRP attorney John Deaton is gaining significant backing from the crypto community as he vies for a U.S. Senate seat. Now, attention has turned to the possibility of Deaton securing support from crypto-affiliated political action committees (PACs), particularly Fairshake. Fox journalist Eleanor Terrett has stirred speculation on this matter in a recent post on X.

Terrett noted the potential significance if Fairshake were to enter the Massachusetts political arena, where Deaton is challenging Senator Warren for her seat. She further clarified that while Fairshake is considering involvement in other states as the election cycle progresses, its support in Massachusetts could be particularly advantageous for Deaton’s campaign.

In the midst of this speculation, XRP advocate Deaton has already initiated a fundraising drive for his campaign, which will include cryptocurrency donations. His candidacy has garnered substantial support from the cryptocurrency industry at large, with notable figures such as Anthony Scaramucci lending their backing to his cause.

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