AI Competition Heats Up as Google Unveils Subscription Model for Gemini AI Bot

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Google is all set to rebrand its Gemini AI bot, in an attempt to be ahead in the artificial intelligence race. According to a Yahoo Finance report, Google is making significant improvements to its generative AI bot Bard, and releasing a new premium edition for users. The move will better place the tech giant in the market and probably even ahead of rivals like Microsoft

Google renames Brad bot, launches a better version

According to Yahoo Finance, Google is rebranding its Brad program as Gemini to better reflect the underlying AI model that runs it. It is also making significant improvements to its generative AI bot, and releasing a new premium edition for users. As part of the company’s Google One AI Premium plan, Gemini Advanced is a paid version of the bot that allows users to access Gemini Ultra, Google’s largest AI model, for $19.99 a month.

Google to provide better AI products

The new re-branded version of the Gemini AI bot will see Google users have additional benefits as well. The membership offers 2TB of Google Cloud storage in addition to access to Gemini Ultra. It also includes future updates that will extend Gemini to Google Docs, Gmail, Slides, and Sheets.

In March of last year, Google introduced Bard, an AI platform that lets users provide text prompts and receive text, code, and graphic responses. With more sophisticated multimodal features including text, image, video, and code recognition, Google unveiled its Gemini AI model in December and started using Bard with the program.

Google is now completely rebranding Bard as Gemini to develop an ecosystem for the platform. Three versions of Gemini are available: Gemini Nano, optimized for smartphone use; Gemini Pro, targeted at companies; and Gemini Ultra, intended for use with high-end AI applications such as the Gemini chatbot. The move also places Google neck to neck with other tech giants like Microsoft and Open-AI in the tech race.

AI revenue to be a prime focus for tech companies

Most publicly listed companies have some or other exposure to AI-related tools and integration at present. However, CoinGape previously reported that according to research firm Radio Free Mobile’s founder, companies like Google, Meta, and China’s Baidu still don’t have generative artificial intelligence as a significant revenue contributor today.

However, with constant new subscription models and product lists, tech giants will likely mint good sections of their revenue from artificial intelligence in the future. Additionally, from 2023 to 2030, the size of the worldwide artificial intelligence market is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.3%.

The global forecast of AI growth remains resilient and impactful. According to Forbes, China is expected to benefit the most from AI. The country will see its GDP climb by 26% by 2030, and North America will benefit by 14.5%. Together, these gains will equal $10.7 trillion, or over 70% of the global economic impact.

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