AI News: Tech Giants Partner in Major Research to Propel U.S. in Global AI Race

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The hype around AI has been at its all-time high and every country wants to mint on it. Singing the same tone, The U.S. National Science Foundation has launched its AI research pilot program. The program will see big tech giants of the country collaborate for AI discovery and innovation.

U.S. tech giants to collaborate for AI Research Project

The U.S. National Science Foundation on Wednesday announced that it will be collaborating with many government and public companies to launch the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource.

The NAIRR pilot will implement the idea of a shared research infrastructure that will facilitate and increase access to vital resources required to drive responsible AI innovation and discovery, according to the government organization.

The pilot project will see a thorough collaboration between 25 private, nonprofit, and charitable organizations and 10 additional federal agencies. These big names also include tech giants like Microsoft, Google, IBM, and many others. The NAIRR pilot will give American researchers and educators access to advanced computing, datasets, models, software, training, and user support.

AI research program to help America boost its global reach

According to the statement, the research program will focus on cutting-edge AI research and its expansion to the world. The desire to be a global dominant nation in the sector of AI has been America’s prime priority. The commencement of this project seems to align not only with the country’s view but also with the firms it’s collaborating with.

NSF Director Sethuraman Panchanathan in the statement added that ”by investing in artificial intelligence research through the NAIRR pilot, the United States unleashes discovery and impact and bolsters its global competitiveness.

“To continue leading in AI research and development, we must create opportunities across the country”, he added.

AI push pits nations against each other

Globally AI has been a hot topic. Companies and governments have been giving a push towards integrating artificial intelligence into various sectors like healthcare, agriculture, etc. The main buzz around AI seems to be to ensure that development and technological revolution go hand in hand.

The global artificial intelligence market size is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030.

Currently, China is predicted to gain the most from AI, with its GDP predicted to increase by 26% by 2030 and that of North America by 14.5%, according to Forbes. When combined, these benefits will come to $10.7 trillion, or more than 70% of the impact on the world economy.

The attempts to be the winner in the AI race have always been herculean. Likely, with this research project, the United States is aiming to overtake others.



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