Amazon’s Streaming Platform Ads Could Affect Crypto-Paying Customers

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Tech giant Amazon is all set to venture into the advertisement revenue trend. The company is expected to start rolling out ads on its Prime Video streaming service. However, the move could be tricky for those paying via crypto.

Amazon to start collecting ad revenue from streaming service

According to a report from Yahoo Finance, it is anticipated that starting on Monday in the US, Amazon will begin to run advertisements on its Prime Video streaming service. However, Wall Street is certain that Amazon will significantly upset the evolving media industry with this launch.

Amid this move, Amazon’s customers will have to pay more to use their services. Customers of Prime Video will be automatically switched to the ad-supported tier at the current $14.99/month for Prime members. Additionally the same will be levied for $8.99/month for non-Prime users. The cost of the premium, ad-free edition will increase by $3 per month for those who choose to pay for it.

Amazon’s move to spur more crypto traffic

There are around 96 million Prime households in the US on Amazon. By 2025, there will be 176.2 million Amazon Prime subscribers in the US, according to eMarketer projections.

As of now, the largest online retailer in the world does not directly take Bitcoin. But many customers use third-party routes like,, etc. to pay for their subscriptions. With an increase in the tariffs, those who are paying via crypto will also have to pay more.

Based on this anticipation, the third-party sites could see additional crypto transactions from Amazon customers who will buy higher plans to keep the ad away. The urge to have a seamless and disruption-free streaming experience could lead to people purchasing better plans in the future, resulting in more trading volumes for third-party providers.

Will Amazon ever accept cryptocurrencies directly?

Amazon has long made its plans of advancing into blockchain technology and AI clear to the market. However, the firm hasn’t quite jumped on the crypto bandwagon possibly due to concerns over regulations. Although the corporation has never given a clear explanation, many theories exist regarding its motivations, such that it may introduce its virtual currency or prioritize existing payment agreements.
For now, by utilizing Bitcoin to purchase prepaid Amazon gift cards online, consumers can still indirectly use the cryptocurrency to make purchases from Amazon.

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