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Andrew Tate’s Crypto Flip-Flop Raises Questions Around Viral Pump and Dumps

Andrew Tate’s old comments have resurfaced, as he noted in a post on X that he will invest $100 million in his own coin. The controversial personality was linked to a $SLUTS meme token last year.

In 2023, Tate distanced himself from shitcoin investments as he posted, “I do not endorse shitcoins,” and claimed, “I’m not a scammer like every other ‘influencer.’ I don’t need to rob my fans.”

Ironically, on Thursday, Tate outlined his plan to involve members of his online “university” in an early presale for his own coin. He stated, “And then because I’m the most famous man alive, I’ll promote it everywhere, letting you all make money.” He even set a condition for his promotion, stating, “50k retweets and a deal.”

Tate deletes post

While Tate quickly deleted his post, it raised eyebrows about viral pump-and-dump schemes with no real value by people with a large social media following. Tate is also known to run a crypto course in his ‘online university.’

Meanwhile, the $SLUTS token, which launched on May 16, 2023, reportedly lacked any project information and seemed like it was relying on generating viral profits. It’s worth noting that Andrew Tate has faced numerous allegations of misogyny, racism, and violence. His unsuccessful appeal against a court ruling that restricted him from leaving Romania adds further scrutiny to cryptocurrency projects, casting doubt on their credibility.

How it started. How it’s going. pic.twitter.com/hCqqqx22pb

— borovik.eth (@3orovik) February 1, 2024

Last year, the former kickboxer and controversial social media influencer took to Twitter to express skepticism about cryptocurrency. He stated that the value of crypto assets was shrinking. He also criticized influencers in the crypto space, suggesting that they had made money through luck rather than practical experience and real-world skills.

Tate doesn’t discredit cryptocurrencies, only the ones that don’t make him money. The reports of him launching his own coin have left investors and observers skeptical. Coffeezilla, an X influencer known for investigations into crypto scams, called Tate’s potential new venture ‘a crypto scamcoin.’

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