Bitcoin ETF: Google to Start Allowing ETF-Related Ads by the End of January

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Bitcoin ETF-related ads will soon reach every household. According to Google’s latest crypto-related policy, Bitcoin ETF ads will surface post-January 29, 2024. The first set of advertisements will be launched only in the United States but will surely pick up after that.

Google to allow Bitcoin ETF ads by January end

Google had previously amended its advertisement policy back in December 2023. Google has made plans to amend its policy on cryptocurrencies and associated goods in January 2024 public. The main aim of the new policy was to make clearer the parameters and guidelines surrounding the promotion of cryptocurrency Coin Trusts.

Under the new policy, Bitcoin ETF-related advertisements will now surface as Google advertisements starting January 29, 2024. When targeting any area with ads, the tech giant wants all of its advertisers to adhere to local regulations.

Google ads to extend Bitcoin ETF’s reach

Advertisements in any form help a particular message reach a special section of the audience. With Google, the reach to the audience magnifies tenfold.  Globally, Google Ads reach 90% of people.

When we take into account Google websites and Play Store apps, we can easily increase the audience size to several billions. The advertisements positioned in the top spot have an average click-through rate of 7.94%.

Ad groups can have audience segments added to them so you can target people based on their demographics, habits, areas of interest, current research projects, and past interactions with your company. By contacting people who are utilizing apps, viewing videos, or browsing websites, audience segments can improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

With such a massive reach and an all time available audience, Bitcoin ETFs will now see a general awareness go up significantly. This means that not only day traders or long term investors, but a general public will now be familiar with Spot ETF.

Bitcoin ETF market so far

The debut of Bitcoin ETFs saw a massive $4 billion trading volumes. However, since then the market has been a bit in doledrums and waiting to pickup.

Previously, the outflows from Grayscale increased dramatically on January 22 reaching a staggering $640.50 million net withdrawal. As a result, its total net outflow is now at $3.4 billion. All 12 Spot Bitcoin ETFs witnessed a net outflow of $87.20 million on the seventh day of trading. Furthermore, a total of $1.09 billion has been put in these ETFs up to this point. On the other hand, the massive $3.4 billion outflow from GBTC has significantly affected the inflow measure.

The only positive trading update came in from Blackrock. Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF stood at $260.60 million of net inflow while marking $1.6 billion in total AUM.

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