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Breaking: US President Joe Biden Gets Laser Eyes, Bitcoin Maxis & Crypto Community’s Reactions

United States President Joe Biden posting laser eyes pictures of himself on X and other social media accounts, including Instagram, sparked reactions from Bitcoin maximalists and the crypto community. Is he actually a Bitcoin supporter now, or is it part of his 2024 presidential election campaign?

Joe Biden Posts Bitcoin Laser Eyes or ‘Dark Brandon’ Meme

US President Joe Biden accidentally promoted Bitcoin by posting the famous “laser eyes” in a picture of himself, which is mainly used by Bitcoin proponents.

Just like we drew it up. pic.twitter.com/9NBvc5nVZE

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) February 12, 2024

The laser eyes pictures were posted across his personal social media accounts immediately before the Kansas City Chiefs win against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Super Bowl LVIII football game. Notably, the pictures were posted on personal accounts and not official President Joe Biden POTUS accounts.

President Joe Biden has used a ‘Dark Brandon’ meme for his political campaigning as a strategy for campaign fundraising and energizing supporters.

Bitcoin didn’t see any volatile price movements and BTC price continues to trade near $48,150. While many crypto enthusiasts took this as bullish for Bitcoin, experts urge President Joe Biden to take down the laser eyes pic due to sparking confusion in the crypto community.

Crypto Community Reacts

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and Custodia Bank CEO Caitlin Long mocked Joe Biden by questioning whether accounts are “hacked.”

Bitcoin maxi Samson Mow remarked that he needed to remove them as “This makes laser eyes so uncool. He also takes a jibe at Biden administration saying “So this is how they stop Bitcoin” from going to $100,000.

Fox journalist Eleanor Terrett said “Wait what. Is he…trying to go for the crypto vote now.” This makes clear sense to the crypto community that it could be actually related to his election campaign as spot Bitcoin ETFs are now available in the United States.

Democrat Joe Biden is currently leading the 2024 United States primary elections with 91 delegates. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is leading in the Republican Party.

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