Crypto Regulation: Modi Urges Nations to Collaborate Against Cyber Threats

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In the Commonwealth Legal Education Association and the Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed for international cooperation in dealing with contemporary challenges such as cyber threats and cryptocurrencies.

This event, held at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi, saw Modi focusing on the need for unified justice delivery amidst increased interdependence in the modern society.

Global Unity for Enhanced Justice Delivery

In his speech, Prime Minister Modi singled out the importance of international cooperation to combat the complex network of transnational crimes. He emphasized that efficient justice delivery in one country depends on effective partnerships with other countries, building the capacity to understand the diverse legal systems and enhancing cooperation.

He further claimed that this collaborative nature not only speeds up justice but also ensures that jurisdiction acts as an instrument for delivering justice rather than a means to slow down the process.

Regulations to Counter Cryptocurrency and Cyber Threats

In addition, the prime minister raised the alarm over the criminal syndicates’ global networks spanning different countries and regions. He emphasized the growth of cryptocurrency and cyber threats as 21st-century challenges to require disclosure from 20th-century solutions.

In his quest for change, Modi called for a total revaluation, reinvention, and reform of the current legal frameworks to make them flexible enough to adjust to the current realities; hence making the systems more modern regarding justice delivery.

Modi also emphasized the importance of legal education for improving the delivery of justice. He championed inclusive policies on education that promote increased participation of women in the legal profession, beginning with law schools. In addition, he highlighted the imperative to provide legal training that responds to technological innovations and shifting social demands, generating a new set of law-literate workers.

Modi’s Efforts to Boost Ease of Living and Business

The Prime Minister was proud to mention his government’s project of repealing antiquated laws inherited from the colonial era that could have served as a means of harassing citizens. This step, he pointed out, has added greatly to the quality of life and ability to carry on business in India. 

He also brought about three new legislations that were meant to replace old colonial criminal laws that had been in existence for more than a century, which symbolized a change of focus from punishment towards ensuring the delivery of justice and, as such, creating a feeling of security but not fear among citizens.

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