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Donald Trump’s 2024 Plan Excludes Powell from Fed’s Future

In an interview with Fox Business, former President Donald Trump made his stance clear on the future leadership of the Federal Reserve (FED), signaling a decisive break from current Chair Jerome Powell should he win the upcoming presidential election. Trump’s remarks come amid a broader discussion of his economic policies and views on artificial intelligence, painting a comprehensive picture of his priorities and concerns for the nation’s future.

Donald Trump’s Stance on Federal Reserve Leadership

Donald Trump, the Republican party’s frontrunner for the 2024 presidential race, unequivocally stated that he would not reappoint Jerome Powell as Chair of the Federal Reserve if he returned to the White House. This declaration was made during an interview aired on Fox Business, where Trump responded to a query about Powell’s future with a firm,

“No, I wouldn’t.”

Powell, initially appointed by Trump in 2017, has had a tumultuous relationship with the former president, especially following the Fed’s interest rate hikes post-2018.

Trump’s critique centers around his belief that Powell’s monetary policies could potentially aid the Democratic party, especially if the Fed opts to lower interest rates, which Trump suggests would benefit President Joe Biden’s re-election prospects.

Jerome Powell, whose second term as Fed Chair will end in 2026, recently indicated a pause in rate increases, focusing instead on achieving a 2% inflation target before considering rate cuts. This move could happen within the year, according to Powell. This stance comes after Biden reappointed Powell, indicating a continuity in leadership despite the political shifts from Trump’s administration to Biden’s.

Economic Policies and the AI Concern

Beyond monetary policy, Donald Trump also aired his views on the risks associated with artificial intelligence during the same interview series. Labeling AI as

“the most dangerous thing out there,”

Trump expressed concerns over its potential misuse, including in warfare, and called for immediate action to mitigate these risks. His comments highlight a fear of unregulated AI development and the lack of clear solutions to prevent its potential negative impacts on society.

The former president also touched on the issue of deepfakes, a form of AI-generated content that can create realistic impersonations of individuals. Trump recounted an incident where a deepfake appeared to show him endorsing a product, emphasizing the difficulty in distinguishing such artificial creations from reality. This concern points to broader issues of digital misinformation and its challenges to public trust and security.


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