Honk Price Surges 42% to Hit All-Time High, Could Meme Kombat be Next to Pump?

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Solana-based meme coin Honk (HONK) has seen its price surge over 40% in the last 24 hours to hit an all-time high of $0.010.

This massive pump comes amid a broader revival in interest for meme coins, with tokens like dogwifhat (WIF) also seeing sizable value increases.

Meanwhile, the new project Meme Kombat (MK) could be poised to ride this bullish wave as investors clamor to get involved in the presale’s final stage.

Goose-Themed Meme Coin HONK Hits $9.7m Market Cap in Two Days

HONK is a recently launched meme coin on Solana that made its market debut earlier this week.

Inspired by the famous “Untitled Goose Game,” it features a mischievous goose mascot that has boosted its popularity with retail investors.

After experiencing exponential growth in its first two trading days, HONK’s market cap has hit $9.7 million, positioning it as a genuine contender in the meme coin space.

Honk now boasts a growing community on Telegram as it aims to be the “Bonk killer.”

The project’s inter-coin rivalry has been one of the key reasons for its early success, with HONK attracting over $5 million in trading volume in the past day alone.

HONK is currently only tradable on DEXs like Raydium and Jupiter, both hosted on Solana.

As such, interested investors require a compatible Solana wallet to buy and hold HONK.

However, with such massive buzz around the token, there’s already talk of HONK being listed on Tier-1 exchanges soon – which would significantly increase its exposure.

Solana & Avalanche Meme Coins Take Market By Storm

HONK’s enormous growth shows there is still a strong appetite for new meme coins, especially those launched on non-Ethereum blockchains like Solana.

It joins several other animal-themed tokens that have taken the market by storm in recent months.

Bonk (BONK), arguably the most popular current Solana meme coin, has seen its price jump 174% since the start of December on the back of surging retail interest.

Boasting a Shiba Inu dog mascot, Bonk brands itself as “the dog coin of the people” and aims to boost adoption of the Solana network.

Other coins looking to challenge the established hierarchy include dogwifhat (WIF) and Myro (MYRO).

Both of these coins have seen substantial price increases over the past few weeks – and WIF is up 8% in the past day alone.

It’s not just Solana-based meme coins that have been pumping, with Coq Inu (COQ) on Avalanche also experiencing a surge in popularity.

Ultimately, this shows that meme coins launched on other blockchains besides Ethereum have the potential to gain significant traction and attract a large following.

P2E Battling Platform Meme Kombat Gains Viral Traction as Presale Funding Crosses $7.4m

While the recent surge of HONK shows the power of social media hype, the new project, Meme Kombat (MK), could present a more sustainable opportunity for investors.

Meme Kombat combines the popularity of memes with an innovative crypto-battling platform and community-driven tokenomics model.

Currently in the final stage of its presale, Meme Kombat has already raised over $7.4 million from early backers.

Demand for MK tokens has been high, with 80% of holders already staking their allocations to earn yields as high as 126% per year.

Meme Kombat also announced its NFT collection is nearing completion and will be released in two phases before the upcoming listing on Uniswap.

With low-cap meme coins demonstrating their ability to post enormous gains in the right conditions, Meme Kombat’s timing and underlying utility make it an intriguing bet.

Offering actual use cases via play-to-earn gaming, staking rewards, and a stellar roadmap, Meme Kombat’s team aims to make MK stand out from other meme coins with no real value proposition.

The project also underwent a smart contract audit from Coinsult, which found no major issues.

As the presale heads into its final days before MK goes public, the discounted token price could make it the next meme coin to erupt alongside HONK.

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