IOTA’s Q1-Q2 Roadmap Sets the Stage for Major Developments- EVM Launch, Testnet, and Global Expansion

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IOTA founder Dominik Schiener has revealed in an AMA session that the highly anticipated IOTA EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is scheduled to release on March 31, 2024.

Additionally, IOTA has rolled out version v1.0.0-alpha.2 Pre-release, introducing significant upgrades and enhancements to its ecosystem, highlighting the project’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

In a recent revelation during an AMA session on KuCoin, IOTA founder Dominik Schiener dropped a bombshell for the community, confirming the release date of the highly anticipated IOTA EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) on March 31, 2024. This announcement ushers in a new era for IOTA and the Shimmer ecosystem, signaling major developments in the coming months.

During the AMA session, Schiener shared a roadmap outlining key milestones for the first and second quarters of 2024. Notable points include the IOTA EVM launch in March, the anticipated IOTA 2.0 testnet launch in Q2, upcoming government adoption announcements, and substantial deals in RWA (Real World Asset) tokenization, reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars. The strategic focus on expanding in Korea, Japan, and Singapore adds another layer to IOTA’s ambitious plans.

Stake, Airdrop, and Beyond: Community Involvement Peaks

Schiener encouraged stakeholders to stake their IOTA tokens on the IOTA EVM during late Q1 or early Q2 to become eligible for airdrops. As the community eagerly awaits these developments, the IOTA project positions itself for substantial growth, transitioning into a more user-friendly platform with the impending EVM update. The expanded EVM capabilities will facilitate seamless integration with projects like Soonaverse, opening doors to robust liquidity in the decentralized landscape.

IOTA’s Continuous Evolution: v1.0.0-alpha.2 Pre-release Unveiled

In parallel to the groundbreaking EVM announcement, IOTA has released version v1.0.0-alpha.2 Pre-release, showcasing a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation within its ecosystem.

The update brings several enhancements, including fixes in the Docker Network Test Framework, explanatory comments for better understanding, and confirmation ratifiers streamlining the confirmation process. The introduction of a new CI workflow for nightly Docker network tests demonstrates IOTA’s dedication to optimizing user experience.

This pre-release version not only signifies IOTA’s commitment to excellence but also offers users and developers a glimpse into the future of the protocol. As IOTA continues to enhance its functionalities, the community can expect a more robust and user-friendly Layer-1 protocol, ready to meet the evolving needs of the blockchain ecosystem.

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