Jupiter Airdrop: Traders Nab Over $1 Mln Profit, What’s Next For JUP?

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Jupiter Exchange’s native token, JUP, recently echoed a sense of frenzy across the global crypto landscape on Friday as the token aided three traders in nabbing colossal profits within the broader crypto market.

According to the data unveiled by Look On Chain, these traders were airdrop hunters who recently made over $1 million in the JUP airdrop. Furthermore, these hunters received an airdrop of 5.5 million JUP, worth $3.6 million, via 27,600 different wallet addresses, per Solscan’s data.

Meanwhile, the JUP price traded in the green as of press time, sparking traders’ and investors’ curiosity after the highly volatile movement in recent days.

A Closer Look Into The Report

As per the on-chain data, the addresses 7poJrJn…, 2rSAFYA…, and DyyQ55ei… garnered the profits mentioned above. This seems to have piqued the interests of crypto market enthusiasts globally as the JUP price witnessed quite the flux following its inception.

Moreover, Solscan’s data suggests these hunters still hold significant amounts of JUP. Concerning this, the address 7poJrJn… holds 319K JUP, worth $191,344, whereas the address 2rSAFYA… holds 884,601 JUP, worth $530,606. Additionally, the address DyyQ55ei… holds a whopping 1.06 million JUP, worth $640,853.

Meanwhile, Jupiter Exchange’s community spotlighted the airdrop’s recent success. The community stated that it plans to improve Jupiter’s ecosystem further, nourishing the Solana ecosystem while also driving meta.

Simultaneously, the DEX’s founder shared views on Jupiter’s upcoming efforts to aid the exchange in pioneering the DeFi realm. Some of these steps included introducing a J.U.P. working group, among many more to come.

Amid the aforementioned saga, Jupiter appears to have marked a tempest of strides in the interim, garnering noteworthy interest with its listing on Binance, a prominent CEX. In addition, the project’s founder, going by the pseudonym Meow, cleared the air around the JUP token’s recent market fluctuations and strategic listings.

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JUP Price Jumps

As of press time, the Jupiter Exchange’s price sprung 2.81% over the past 24 hours and is currently resting at $0.6201. However, the token appears to be highly volatile, as per market charts by CoinMarketCap. Meanwhile, its price has traded primarily in the red since its recent listing, birthing additional inferences for the token.

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