Manta Price Prediction 2024: Will $MANTA Hit $5 With Its Current Recovery Cycle?

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Manta Price Prediction: The MANTA token, launched on January 18, 2024, has had a volatile yet impressive kickoff. Despite being just a week old, its price initially surged significantly, only to face subsequent fluctuations. The uncertainty arose due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that temporarily impacted its operations. This incident led to extended withdrawal times and a dip in network performance. Despite the swift resolution of the issue by the team, the MANTA token has seen significant price fluctuations in the aftermath of the attack.

As of now, MANTA trades at around $3 showcasing a remarkable growth of 57.6% since its inception. This volatility is not uncommon in the crypto world and often reflects a period of market adjustment and investor exploration.

Can the Manta Price continue its rebound amidst the prevailing market slump and attain a new peak value of $5?

What is MANTA?

Manta Network stands as a pioneering multi-modular ecosystem designed specifically for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. It comprises two main components:

Manta Pacific: An Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution that offers a scalable and low-cost environment for deploying EVM-native ZK applications using Solidity. This makes developing privacy-focused applications more accessible and efficient.

Manta Atlantic: The ZK Layer 1 (L1) chain on Polkadot, which introduces programmable identities and credentials to web3, enhancing privacy and security.

Explore $MANTA, the native utility and governance token of @MantaNetwork $MANTA empowers users across #MantaPacific and #MantaAtlantic, facilitating an improved experience for the modular ecosystem built for scalable, next-generation dApps.

— Manta Network (,) #MantaNewParadigm (@MantaNetwork) January 15, 2024

The synergy between Manta Pacific and Manta Atlantic creates a robust infrastructure for the development and adoption of next-generation web3 applications. This integrated approach leverages zero-knowledge cryptography to ensure privacy and efficiency, setting a new standard for application development in the blockchain space

MANTA price prediction: Channel pattern fuels bullish momentum

Amid prevailing market uncertainties, the MANTA Network price has demonstrated a consistent recovery, guided by the rising channel pattern. The coin has notably rebounded at least twice from both of the trendlines, showcasing the pattern’s significant impact on market behavior.

While the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin strives to hold its ground above the $40,000 threshold, the MANTA price recently initiated a turnaround from the lower boundary of its pattern. Over the past two days, the coin’s value has escalated by 40%, reaching a current trading price of $3.

During this upward surge, the price of the asset broke through the upper boundary of the channel pattern, indicating a strong bullish sentiment in the market. If the altcoin manages to maintain its position above this level, it could provide buyers with an ideal foundation to extend the recovery rally.

In a recent update, MantaPacific has hit a major milestone, with its Total Value Locked (TVL) soaring beyond $1.5 billion, making it the third-largest Layer 2 in the space. The platform has seen impressive activity, boasting over 10 million transactions and the creation of more than 731,000 wallet addresses.

#MantaPacific‘s TVL has surpassed $1.5b, becoming the 3rd largest L2 by TVL with 10m+ total txns & over 731k wallet addresses.

Dive deeper into these metrics through the refreshed Manta Pacific Explorer

— Manta Network (,) #MantaNewParadigm (@MantaNetwork) January 24, 2024

According to standard pivot levels, the primary target for the MANTA price is set at $4, suggesting a potential 25% increase, followed by a secondary target of $5.3.

Where is the MANTA price heading in 2024?

If the Manta price maintains its upward trajectory, investors could drive its value above $5. Yet, this surge might experience periodic retractions as the recently introduced token garners both enthusiasm and speculative interest.

Should the wider market enter a bull phase in 2024, the MANTA price could aim for the $9 psychological barrier by the end of December.

Conversely, if the launch of the Bitcoin ETF acts as a trigger for a “sell-the-news” event, leading to ongoing market uncertainty or a correction phase, the Manta price might fluctuate near the $4 level.

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