Mollars ICO Sells 1 Million Tokens as Crypto Users Eager for New Store of Value Coin

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The Mollars ICO has been successful in pre-selling 1 million tokens as cryptocurrency users appear rather bullish about the launch of a Bitcoin alternative on Ethereum’s network.

Mollars promises transaction fees that are 80% lower than that of BTC, and the sales numbers have been impressive.

Between 50 and 100 different wallets have been shown to purchase the coin daily over the past couple of weeks on average. The top five single buyers have all been larger accounts that spent almost $40,000 accumulatively, showing the growing popularity of the new crypto project amongst various account sizes.

Crypto Analysts Deliver Positive Reviews

The milestone of selling 1 million tokens comes on the back of numerous positive forecasts on the future of the project on behalf of some analysts. If the current demand is maintained, the project might perform on par or even better than established industry leaders such as Solana, Shiba Inu, XRP, and even Bitcoin itself.

The host of a popular decentralized finance show on YouTube recently said that Mollars gives the appeal of an “explosive” coin in terms of its potential.

Additionally, a well-known cryptocurrency auditor – Cyberscope – also gave the green light on the project. The firm completed an audit that users can verify here.

The Price Will Increase in the 4th Round of Presale

The Mollars ICO is structured in a way where the presale price increases gradually as it goes through multiple rounds. The next milestone is for it to reach round number four, which should happen once approximately 1.2 million tokens are sold. The price will then go up to $0.5 per token.

It might seem that the 5-cent difference doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of spending, but it does incentivize investors to join earlier.

The presale itself will only sell a total of 4 million tokens, while the total number of $MOLLARS to ever exist is set at 10 million.

Once the supply designated for the ICO has sold out, the new cryptocurrency, largely touted as the “Bitcoin killer,” will launch on a public crypto exchange. The initial price will be set at $0.62 – significantly higher than the prices offered during the presale.

In addition, Mollars recently announced that the project that’s to be launched in association with the CEX listing will be a new native blockchain or a cryptocurrency exchange. Irrespective of which of those products will be built, it will require the $MOLLARS token for users to take advantage of it.

This dApp could potentially be a catalyst for long-term demand for the token, which might also have a positive impact on its price.

So far, cryptocurrency investors have been buying the $MOLLARS coin at rates that are upwards of 83K tokens daily.

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