New Airdrop-Focused Meme Coin ‘SMOG’ Sees Fair Launch on SOL And Soars 1,400% In First Hour

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The newly launched SMOG Token is diving headfirst into the Solana ecosystem with a unique airdrop utility to bring a novel theme to the bustling blockchain.

The project fairly launched through a Jupiter liquidity pool, which went live at 16:00 UTC on February 7th.

The mystique behind $SMOG caused a wave of early buying as the project shows the hallmarks of an expert Web3 team, pushing the market cap for the token beyond $1 million in its first hour.

The swift success of SMOG Token ($SMOG) is turning heads as traders look for dips in the market to find buying opportunities before the airdrop campaign begins.

$SMOG Brings Unique Airdrop Utility With Fair Launch Mechanics to Shake Up Meme Coins on SOL

Capitalizing on the new airdrop hunting craze, $SMOG brings a unique airdrop utility that seeks to bring a wave of social engagement to the project.

Born in the celestial forge of Jupiter, the project described itself as the most rewarding token on the Solana network.

$SMOG intends to bring an unparalleled airdrop spectacle that sees token holders earning airdrop points to qualify for the historic airdrop.

In addition, $SMOG is undergoing a brilliant Zealy campaign that will bring engagement to the social profiles of the project.

The Zealy campaign is expected to bring tremendous interest as users participate in daily, weekly, and monthly quests to earn airdrop points.

The campaign will see users completing specific tasks like following $SMOG on Twitter and joining its Discord server.

Furthermore, community members with the highest number of airdrop points will be shown on a leaderboard, bringing a competitive edge to the campaign.

$SMOG Instantly Hits Top-Trending Tokens After Surging 1,400% In the First Hour – Next $BONK?

The reception of the fair launch has caused fireworks as $SMOG instantly hit the hot pairs on Solana-based pools;

It also hit the overall top-trending tokens on DexTools within hours of going live, securing its position on the daily gainer’s list;

$SMOG has significantly more liquidity in its pool than the other competition on the list, with a staggering $760,000 at the time of writing.

The fair launch allowed $SMOG to soar over 1,400% in the first hour of going live, allowing it to surpass the $1 million market cap threshold;

The project seeks to follow the footsteps of popular Solana-based projects, such as $BONK, $MYRO, and $WIF. Its fair launch on Jupiter gives it a comparatively better start than the meme coin heavyweights, with no presale or seed funding before launching.

Furthermore, the timing for $SMOG’s fair launch couldn’t be better as the Jupiter DEX continues to exceed Uniswap in trading volume.

Best of all, the project has the hallmarks of an expert Web3 team, with rumors spreading that $SMOG has the same anon team that launched $SPONGE, a meme coin sensation from May 2023 that underwent a similar stealth launch and surged from a $1 million market cap to $100 million, providing 100x returns for early adopters.

Airdrop Focused Tokenomic Structure Set Stage for $SMOG Price Growth

The tokenomic structure for $SMOG is centered around three core elements: a fair launch, an airdrop spectacle, and liquidity.

There’s a total supply of 1.4 billion $SMOG, with just 5% of the supply currently circulating.

The breakdown of the tokenomics is as follows;

50% for marketing
35% for the airdrop
10% for CEX liquidity
5% for DEX liquidity

The 5% set aside for DEX liquidity is already circulating, and the liquidity has been officially locked through Team.Finance, a third-party security firm that lets founders lock their liquidity to show commitment to a project.

You can view the details of the lock here.

As you can see, the tokenomics structure is heavily focused on pushing a marketing campaign to promote engagement in preparation for the airdrop.

With such a large marketing budget, $SMOG will be able to have the token plastered across several publications, influencers, and YouTube videos.

Overall, traders are quickly positioning themselves as early adopters in $SMOG, expecting at least 10x returns in the coming days.

The project’s social media channels are quickly growing, with over 320 members on its Telegram and 250 followers on X (formerly Twitter). The low numbers show that early entry opportunities are still available for those purchasing $SMOG today.

Those looking to purchase $SMOG will need $SOL to buy it through the Jupiter DEX. Follow the links on the project’s website for more information.

Visit $SMOG Presale

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