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New Solana-Based Meme Coin SMOG Goes Viral – Here’s Why Some Traders Are Backing This Airdrop Spectacle For More Gains

Brand new Solana-based meme coin Smog Token (SMOG) is going viral this week after surging by over 3,000% following its fair launch on Jupiter.

The meme coin caused FOMO as investors scrambled to get positioned on any dips to be eligible to participate in its airdrop utility, slated to be the biggest airdrop on Solana.

With the hype and momentum growing, traders are backing SMOG to continue surging as it establishes its position as becoming a promising token on the Solana Network.

SMOG Trading On Jupiter With Epic Fiar Launch and Explodes By Over 3,000%

Smog Token (SMOG) launched on Jupiter on February 7th at 16:00 UTC and immediately surged by over 1,400% in its first few hours.

A few days later, SMOG is up by a whopping 3,000% as traders pile into the project before its airdrop utility kicks in.

Smog is bringing a novel airdrop mechanism to the Solana network that lets users buy and hold tokens to earn airdrop points and qualify for its historic airdrop.

The project’s website describes Smog as a meme coin born in the celestial forges of Jupiter as it promises a fair launch and an unparalleled airdrop spectacle.

Given its impressive market entrance, it’s clear investors are backing Smog as a candidate to become the next Solana-based meme coin sensation as it seeks to follow in the footsteps of $BONK and $WIF.

“The Greatest SOL Airdrop of all Time” – SMOG Brings Novel Airdrop-Focused Utility

The novel airdrop utility from SMOG allows users to accumulate airdrop points by simply holding the token. In addition, there’s a Zealy campaign lined up that will enable participants to build up more airdrop points.

Zealy is a social media engagement platform, and users can participate in daily and weekly quests to accumulate points.

The quests require users to follow specific tasks like following Smog on X and joining the Discord community.

With 35% of the total supply allocated to the airdrop, SMOG certainly has the potential to provide an airdrop spectacle for those accumulating airdrop points.

Community members with the highest number of airdrop points are also showcased on a leaderboard, bringing a competitive spirit to social engagement.

Hallmarks of Experienced Web3 Professionals With Top-Tier Marketing Gets SMOG Trending

Smog quickly gathered traction following its launch as investors realized that the project exhibited the hallmarks of experienced Web3 professionals.

The project has an expertly crafted marketing campaign, which caused the number of active members in its Telegram channel to increase beyond 5,500 people in under 24 hours. Furthermore, there are an additional 8,400 followers on X.

With such a large community already engaged, it’s clear something is driving SMOG beyond the typical meme coin hype, and investors are wondering if the anonymous team behind the project is the same team that caused meme coin heavyweights like $SPONGE to surge in 2023.

The credibility of the team is also exhibited by the fact that SMOG has already exploded into the top trending pairs list on the DexTools dashboard;

In addition, SMOG has managed to cross an astonishing 10,000 holders in its short 48 hours of being live.

It also has an incredible $1.2 million in its liquidity pool, making it the perfect project for whale activity.

The team behind Smog clearly understands the tenants of what causes meme coins to become successful after locking the liquidity in the pool through Team Finance. This third-party security firm ensures liquidity funds are locked away to prevent a rug pull for investors.

Finally, the team has also renounced ownership of the SMOG token contract, meaning they cannot mint any more SMOG or make changes to the code.

Best of all, Smog Token has launched at the perfect time, with Solana rebounding above $100 and Jupiter continuing to outshine other popular DEXs like Uniswap. It’s clear that the momentum is with Solana-based tokens, and the next meme coin sensation in crypto is likely to come from Solana again.

Those looking to purchase SMOG will need to do so through Jupiter using SOL. Follow the directions provided on the project’s website for more information.

Overall, given its incredible traction already seen so far, SMOG seems primed to continue to make waves in the meme coin space with its incoming airdrop spectacle, and traders are backing it with their cash.

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