Scam Alert: Crypto Hackers Steal $12 Mln SAVM, LINK, USDT, OP Tokens

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In a massive phishing scam, $12 million vanished from four victims within five days, exposing critical gaps in cryptocurrency security. The prevalent use of create2, a standard tool, empowers malicious actors to exploit temporary addresses and sidestep wallet defenses based on address blacklists. Moreover, the crypto scam drained millions worth of Chainlink (LINK), SatoshiVM (SAVM), Optimism (OP), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Binance USD (BUSD) and SuperVerse (SUPER) tokens.

Details Of Recent Crypto Scam

According to Scam Sniffer, a Web3 scam tracking platform, the ERC20 permit has become a standardized weapon. It intensifies the impact of wallet-draining attacks, with collateral tokens, including LP tokens and NFTs.

Moreover, the post highlighted that the calculated use of ERC20 permit signatures has become the primary mode of operation for such crypto scams. This is a significant peril to users who unsuspectingly fall prey to seemingly legitimate ERC721 signatures designed for gasless token approval.

In addition, the snapshots shared by Scam Sniffer on X reveal that apart from the above-mentioned digital currencies, collateral tokens, such as aEthWETH, aEthUNI, and aEthLink were also affected Furthermore, the most recent incident further underscores the severity of the threat.

The latest update underscores that a victim lost a staggering $2.34 million worth of SUPER to a crypto scam via phishing. This eventually caused an immediate 20% plummet in SUPER’s market cap within a mere 45 minutes.

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Ripple CTO Unveils New OpenSea Scam

Ripple Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz has recently revealed a phishing scam targeting users of OpenSea, a prominent NFT marketplace. He noted that the scam involves fraudulent emails that claim to be from OpenSea and notify users of bids on their NFTs.

Schwartz added that these emails contain a malicious link, disguised as a SurveyMonkey survey, redirecting users to a fake OpenSea page aiming to steal their credentials. The Ripple CTO’s revelation highlights the increasing sophistication of hackers in the digital asset space.

Furthermore, similar scams have been reported, suggesting a growing trend of fraudulent activities in the crypto community. Moreover, this displays the necessity for heightened vigilance and security measures among users and industry platforms.

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