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Shiba Inu Coins: BONE, LEASH, & SHIB Prices Rally, Here’s Why

In a recent hurricane of breakthroughs witnessed across the DeFi realm, Marswap, a DEX on Shiba Inu L2 Shibarium, announced plans to expand its services to various blockchains, revolutionizing its platform further for users globally. Concerning this, the DEX is now offering services across five noteworthy networks: Base Network, Binance Chain, Cronos, Ethereum, and Shibarium.

Notably, aligning with Marswap’s expansion, what comes as a groundbreaking announcement is the DEX’s plans to launch flat fee structured trading fees, nabbing significant attention globally. With this, the exchange eyes a pricing structure that charges a single fixed fee for all transactions across the Shibarium network.

Marswap Brings A Plethora Of Attributes to Shibarium

Following Marswap’s announcement, ShibArmy spotlighted key features the DEX’s soaring expansion brought to Shibarium. This encompassed the launching of new projects through Marswap’s Launchpad, creating personalized digital assets with the Token Creator, jumping into early investment opportunities with the Presale feature, executing bulk transactions with the Multi-sender, and adding Liquidity Pairs (LP) for live trading.

Moreover, Marswap’s flat fee model further revolutionizes its expansion, offering users attractive transaction fees. In contrast to the usual 0.3% transaction fee typically encountered while transacting millions, the facility to pay a mere 10 cents in the governance token of each respective chain for any transaction size is groundbreaking.

Intriguingly, this mind-blowing offer has caught the eyes of crypto traders and investors globally as now, instead of spitting out $3000 fees in a standard DEX, Marswap asks just 10 cents. This monumental announcement appears to have garnered noteworthy attention across the crypto landscape.

Meanwhile, Shibarium tokens BONE, LEASH, And SHIB appear to have noted a jump today, falling in line with the announcement.

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BONE, LEASH, & SHIB Prices Rally

As of press time, the Doge Killer (LEASH) price noted a 6.96% surge in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $278.24. Whereas, its trading volume jumped 3.97%. Meanwhile, the Bone ShibaSwap price jotted a 5.11% jump in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.6346. Even BONE’s trading volume witnessed an 18.44% upswing.

Additionally, Shiba Inu’s price noted a 3.71% upsurge and is currently resting at $0.000009178. The meme coin’s trading volume surged 72.29% and is currently resting at $134.76 million.

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