Solana (SOL) And Ethereum (ETH) Regains Bullish Momentum While Pullix (PLX) Influence Investors’ Anticipation As It Announces Launch Date

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Lately, the cryptocurrency market is rallying, with Solana (SOL) standing out and gaining over $2 billion in a day amid the industry’s overall $1.65 trillion market cap surge. In contributing to this ongoing crypto rally Ethereum token is also gaining significantly as it sells over $100 higher.

Meanwhile, another crypto coin, Pullix, is aiming to take substantial space in the spotlight, by introducing a platform uniquely designed to tackle liquidity problems that DeFi and CeFi often face. The project is set to launch in 30 days.

Solana Coin (SOL) Performing Decently

Solana’s market capitalization surged from $41.79 billion to $44.20 billion in just 24 hours, marking a 6.61% growth of $2.41 billion, as per recent CoinMarketCap data. SOL has since declined a bit and is trading at a very minimal loss on the weekly chart.

This performance aligns with its heightened network activity, reaching a multi-year high of $1 trillion in transaction volume in January, a 30% increase since December, reminiscent of levels last seen in September 2022.

Solana’s price is currently holding above a weekly range of $91 to $104; however, some crypto analysts think it has the potential to appreciate substantially this year.

Ethereum Token (ETH) Is Holding Strongly Above $2,300 On a Bullish Spree

Ethereum price holds a solid value as a good crypto to buy, thanks to its resilient and powerhouse ecosystem that attracts value over time. Ethereum is finally trading above $2,300 as it has gained over 2.4% in the past 7 days.

It just recorded over 2.08% in market cap, increasing it to a current price of $277.9 billion. Currently, Ethereum has not been able to recover from its TVL loss; however, in due time, the network is anticipated to see higher gains, potentially increasing its trading volume.

Users Eye Pullix (PLX) As It Announces Launch Date

Publix (PLX), currently in the final two stages of its presale, is gearing up for a significant milestone, with its platform set to launch once the presale is finished. The hybrid exchange, along with its native PLX token, has gained significant traction, impressively raising $4.8 million during the presale.

One notable aspect contributing to its appeal is the substantial user base, which has now added over 15,000 individuals who actively engage with the platform. Besides, Pullix distinguishes itself by implementing a Profit Share Model, providing users with a unique incentive structure. However, the main quirk of the platform lies in its ability to solve liquidity issues that are predominant among online exchanges.

In particular, Pullix is forging its course in online trading by offering a unique hybrid trading platform that cleverly combines the best elements from centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges. Its goal is to offer worldwide traders abundant liquidity, an impressive 1000:1 leverage, and a self-custodial portfolio management system while ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly trading experience.

Currently priced at $0.10, the native PLX token will see its launch in about 30 days. With at least one more stage remaining and a dynamic pricing model that raises the token price with each new stage, the project is one to watch.

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