Taurus Receives FINMA Approval for Retail Tokenized Securities

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Swiss fintech firm Taurus has received the nod from Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), authorizing it to extend its tokenized securities offerings to retail clients. This move ushers in a new era for Taurus, previously catering primarily to institutional and professional clients.

Taurus’s TDX trading platform

Central to this development is Taurus’s TDX trading platform. Initially, this marketplace was a domain for institutional investors and is now accessible to the broader public. By creating an account with Taurus, retail investors can actively participate in capital raises.

They can also trade in a range of digital assets and tokenized securities. Taurus assures a secure and compliant environment for these transactions. This expansion not only broadens the market reach but also enhances the liquidity of digital securities.

Moreover, Taurus’s approval paves the way for companies to tap into primary and secondary markets more efficiently. The firm’s approach allows companies to set up their trading segments. They can, in addition, choose between auction-based or continuous trading methods. As a result, such flexibility is key for effective capital raising and real-time management of digital securities.

New Issuers Joining the TDX Platform

A group of issuers, additionally, has chosen TDX as their preferred trading venue. Among them are Investis Group, la Mobilière, Qoqa, SCCF, Swissroc, and Teylor. This step, in addition, reflects a growing trust in Taurus’s platform and its capabilities to revolutionize the private securities market.

Taurus stands out, moreover, with its comprehensive digital asset infrastructure. It supports the issuance, custody, and trading of various digital assets. These include cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, NFTs, and digital currencies. A significant boost, however, to Taurus’s credibility came in September when Deutsche Bank collaborated with Taurus.

This partnership was to offer digital asset custody and tokenization services to Deutsche Bank’s clients. Deutsche Bank’s involvement, furthermore, in the firm’s $65 million Series B funding round in February 2023 underscores the banking giant’s confidence in it’s vision and technology.

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