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Top 7 Low-Fee Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Cheapest Crypto exchanges in 2024

Cryptocurrency exchanges facilitate the buying and selling of virtual currencies like Tether, Ethereum, and Bitcoin by investors. The cryptocurrency exchanges charge a fee for your transactions, which varies depending on the deal you made and the transaction volume, to support their users with these services.

Crypto trading fees are not fixed for all exchanges because every exchange employs a unique fee calculation method. You must understand these methods and find a crypto exchange with the lowest fees. Finding a cheap crypto exchange is difficult because there are many hidden fees, but we gathered a list of 7 candidates.

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Top Low Fee Cryptocurrency Exchanges

ExchangeMaker FeeTaker Fee

1. OKXRead More

0.06%-0.08%0.08%-0.10%Trade Now

2. BinanceRead More

0.1%-0.02% 0.1%-0.04%Trade Now

3. StormGain Read More

0.25%0.25%Trade Now

4. eToroRead More

There are no official trading fees, but individual percentage spreads up to 0.75%-Trade Now

5. BitMexRead More

0.02%-0.01%0.075%-0.0175%Trade Now

6. ByBitRead More

0.1%- 0.0005%0.1%-0.02%Trade Now

7. BitgetRead More

0.1% 0.1%Trade Now

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