XRP Lawsuit: Ripple Sends Letter To Judge Torres After SEC Wins Motion

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After Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn granted the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) motion to compel ordering Ripple to provide release 2022-2023 financial statements and post-complaint XRP institutional sales contracts, Ripple attorneys sent a letter to Judge Torres.

XRP Lawsuit: Ripple Requests Extension of Deadline

Attorneys for defendant Ripple Labs requested the court to grant a week extension of the deadline for remedies-related discovery, as per the latest court filing.

While Ripple fully complies with the order to produce 2022-2023 financial statements, post-complaint institutional sales contracts, and an interrogatory regarding XRP institutional sales earnings post-complaint, the company continues to argue that the request is “overly burdensome.”

Ripple requests for an extension of the deadline for remedies-related discovery from February 12 to February 20, 2024. The company provides further evidence on extension provided earlier by the court, claiming right to seek an extension of any discovery deadline.

As per the order, Ripple will provide SEC with the “sale of XRP to institutional buyers, hedge funds, and ODL customers from a roughly three-year period, because of the burden and difficulty associated with tying to collect and produce those documents by the existing deadline.”

Only the final request to provide three years of contracts for the sale of XRP will take time, claims Ripple. This will not impact the case length as the SEC has more time to prepare for briefing.

Pro-XRP Lawyers React to Ripple’s Request

Bill Morgan, a pro-XRP lawyer, reacted to Ripple’s request to extend deadline to a week and said “What is 8 days after more than 3 years.”

He also reacted to SEC’s adopting new definition of “dealers” and “government securities dealers”, new strict rules affecting crypto liquidity. It takes effect in 60 days, weeks after AMM amendment to the XRPL.

Attorney Fred Rispoli claims that the SEC is coming after Ripple. “I didn’t really understand why Ripple fought the discovery because keeping it hidden would allow the SEC to sue Ripple on post-Complaint sales at a later time.” However, he says Ripple and XRP are still in the lead.

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